Letters to the editor 8/29

August 29, 2002

Mini-grants add up for schools

To the editor:

On behalf of the Washington County Board of Education, our schools and our students, I am writing to publicly thank Mark Lecher of Garden State Tanning for the recent donation of $250 to the Washington County Public Schools. Superintendent Betty Morgan forwarded the donation to the Washington County Public Schools Foundation so that the funds could be put with other monies to benefit our local schools and teachers.

Originally formed in the 1990s, the Washington County Public Schools Foundation Inc., has experienced a revival during the 2001-2002 school year. With the advent of a new superintendent and the strong support of the Washington County Board of Education, the foundation's board of directors has reorganized and begun soliciting funds in order to provide support specifically to teachers, students and administrators of WCPS.

The WCPS Foundation's purpose is to operate exclusively for receiving charitable contributions for the funding of programs that directly benefit students and to support those who make such programs operational and successful, predominantly teachers.


The following are examples of the kinds of activities the foundation may support: Mini-grants to teachers for innovative ideas to be implemented in their schools and classrooms; supplementary programs for students such as after-school educational opportunities, Saturday programs, or summer enrichment offerings; increased student recognition and rewards (for science fairs, academic achievement, etc.), including recognition beyond athletics and academic excellence such as Character Counts! Also included would be providing teacher incentives for community involvement or summer programming, and artist-in-residence funding and other cultural activities in schools.

This year, the WCPS Foundation provided five mini-grants to teachers to use for instructional enhancements that would not otherwise be funded through WCPS. Projects included a student self-assessment and goal setting plan by teacher Kevin Jackson at Clear Spring High School and the creation of a lending library of math manipulatives project by Marianne Childress at Lincolnshire Elementary. Garden State Tanning's $250 donation will enrich the foundation's funds so that more mini-grants may be awarded during the 2002-2003 school year.

Thanks go to Lecher and to Garden State Tanning for this donation. If any other individuals or companies are interested in donating to the WCPS Foundation, they should call a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors or its president, Mike Schaefer.

Carol Mowen

Public Information Officer

Washington County Public Schools


Growth is coming

To the editor:

Many people in Washington County are speculating about who the next five Washington County Commissioners will be. From my vantage point Greg Snook would appear to be a lock. Beyond that I give Paul Swartz and Bert Iseminger good chances. For the remaining two seats I see a battle between Bill Wivell, Jim Brown, Harold Phillips and possibly Herb Hardin.

The next four years are crucial. I say that because after 15-20 years of people speculating that the growth from Frederick County will spill over South Mountain I think it will actually happen in the next four years. Any decisions concerning growth will have long-term ramifications.

The public in the last several months has demonstrated how it feels about proposed dense growth. Some citizens would like to stop all growth.

I do not agree with that stance. Controlled growth is good for our county.

I encourage all citizens to become actively involved in the election of our five County Commissioners.

We should applaud the actions of all the candidates for becoming part of the process.

Meredith Fouche


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