Mail Call for 8/28

August 29, 2002

"Does anyone out there have MCI long distance phone number or address? I've tried four times, all I get is dial this, dial that and music! I listened for 20 minutes to music, so I hung up! I've been paying for calls we don't make."

"Who benefits financially from the Augustoberfest?"

"I wish someone would talk to those people out in the North End about that $350,000 loan for that house for the abused women. I think it's sad that they are paying that much for that house. Right now, they could go out close to the edge of town and get a place cheaper."

"The commissioners are very smart. they make the county attorney the fall guy. He does not have to worry about running for election. More evidence we should have an elected county attorney and county administrator."

"I was reading Mail Call about the guy up at Route 40 watering his lawn. I was under the impression that since we haven't had rain that there is a water shortage. When I drove by the other day with my car windows open, my car got wet inside. I think something needs to be done about this."


"I was wondering if there were any mom's clubs or mom's and kids' clubs in the Keedysville, Sharpsburg or Boonsboro area? Call Mail Call and let me know how to reach you."

"The current County Commissioners hiding behind legal counsel on this retirement money to Mr. Howard is all hogwash. I think the County Commissioners need to listen up and pay attention. As a taxpayer, I should be able to walk into the county office and look at the budget and see where all of our tax dollars are going and we have a right to know. The County Commissioners better be forthcoming with it. The new County Commissioners, when they are seated, they better take a little different stance and realize the fact that they are spending our money and we have a right to know where it is going."

"I was reading a very interesting article in Monday, Aug. 26, Daily Mail, page B1. The article was titled, 'Health worries threatened Scotland traditional dish.' It went on to tell how the British and the Scottish have been plagued with the 'Mad Cow' disease and how the safety experts are trying to decide whether or not some of these traditional dishes should be banned from eating. You know, it brought something to mind. Just over the weekend, I was at one of our local dollar stores and there on the shelf sat beef canned with gravy, a dollar for a can of it. I thought it would be good and tender, I remember the old days when my grandmother used to cold pack these. On the side of the can it said, product of Brazil. I thought all imports of beef had been banned from the United States because of the Mad Cow disease. Apparently I was wrong. Does anyone know if this is true? Why is this meat still on the shelf? It's a great concern."

"Every time we get a rainfall in Allegany and Garrett counties, when it gets down to the big hole in the mountain above Hancock it either goes to Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia. I think this changes our whole weather pattern."

"In reference to the trauma center. I would like to make a suggestion for the funding. I feel that we should increase the tax on alcohol, since alcohol-related accidents are a large portion of the need for a trauma center. We should increase the tax on alcohol, just like they did on cigarettes."

"We found a cat on North Mulberry Street near Action Products and we would like to return it to you. Call 301-790-2840 and let me know what color it is and describe it and we will return it to you."

"Well, with all the controversy going on in the county, why don't everyone just take a break, go to a golf tournament and have some fun?"

"I want all the Mail Callers to know this information: I found a dead bird right out in front of my house. It was a robin. First, I had to call the police department to get a number. They gave me a number, but get this, people, it was an automated voice telling me information about the West Nile Virus. They wouldn't even come out to pick it up until the weekend was over. Isn't that something?"

"Why is the hospital moving? It's landlocked, they want to get single rooms for patients and I was told that there was a bad foundation, bad plumbing. Why is the hospital moving? Why not tear down King Street and expand toward Mulberry Street?"

"Mr. Maginnis seems to be getting a little bit closer to his Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down column. This past Saturday, he had a question mark for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. I guess he will never give a thumbs down. He will leave that up to the voters of Washington County and the State of Maryland on Election Day."

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