Mail Call for 8/27

August 28, 2002

"Did County Commissioner Paul Swartz change his name to Ron Bowers? Or did Ron Bowers, former county commissioner, change his name to Paul Swartz?"

"I'd like to know what the developers know about Washington County besides being easy pickings."

"Our county attorney, Douglas, and his sidekick, Martirano, must be collectively as dumb as a box of rocks to think that the people of this county are going to put up with this nonsense of paying - using public funds - an official on some sort of retirement basis or termination basis and not tell the voters what it is that we paid for. To say that salary is personal income, and therefore exempt, is ludicrous. The voters will have the right answer. Thank you."

"Yes, I do have a Babe Ruth 1890-something-to-1948 baseball card. I want between $2,000 and $3,000 for the Babe Ruth baseball card. If you're interested, call Mail Call."


"Just a thought or maybe a good idea. The state has sprayed herbicide in the snakehead pond. Now, they've virtually eliminated the oxygen in the pond. So, these fish can walk on land. What do you think they're going to do, wait around for the pond to die, and die with it? No, they're beatin' feet. Unless the state has put a fence or some kind of restrictions up for those fish, those fish are leaving that pond. I'd like to know what the real, main plan was for doing what they did in that pond. I think they just set off a hand grenade. Thank you."

- Downsville

"The little balls found in the basement of one of the callers could possibly be spider egg cases. Bye."

"I have a perfect place for the new hospital to be built. If you would tear down the ball stadium, which no one is concerned about and has no interest in - the commissioners or the fans don't support the team - I believe the team should move out, move to another city, and tear the stadium down and build a hospital where the stadium is. That makes sense, and I'm sure everybody would agree with me."

"Cheers to Commissioner William Wivell. I have been so concerned over where our money has been going for the water and sewer. Finally somebody on our side. I want to know what's going on."

"I live in the West End of Hagerstown. If anyone is missing a homing pigeon with a green band on his leg, he's been here at my house, off and on, for the last couple of weeks. If you leave your name and number in Mail Call, I can get back to you."

"I understand that reliable sources here in the county are saying that wells throughout the county that are under 100 feet deep are very likely to go dry in this drought. Why are people not conserving water? Why have there not been restrictions put on this county? Something needs to be done immediately. Thank you."

"The ones who are letting their beer bottles and trash on Metz Road, we are getting tired of this. And some of us know who is doing this at nighttime, so just beware, because we are not going to tolerate this. Especially glass beer bottles thrown into the yards and if older people don't look at their yards before they mow, what's going to happen to their tractor tires? Why don't they take their trash home with them? No, because their parents wouldn't allow it. We know who you are and we will turn you in."

- Boonsboro

"Thanks to CPWC and the participants in the informative and well-attended candidates' forum. It concluded at 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night. Thursday afternoon's Daily Mail has no mention whatsoever of this important event. Why is this not considered significant news?"

"Does anyone know where I can gather fallen pods for a pawlonia tree?"

"In the reference to Mr. Howard's compensation, if he and Mr. Swartz were Sunday school teachers, have them read the Ten Commandments and let the truth come to light. Thank you."

"I buy the newspaper for Mail Call, the obituaries and Tim Rowland's column, in that order. In your Aug. 22 paper, the Mail Call rules say, don't get personal. Paul Swartz is mentioned four times. I do not live in Hagerstown, nor do I know this man. Thank you."

"I'm sure that $30,000 interested these 20 candidates to run for County Commissioner. Also, after one term, they get a pension. I worked all my life and didn't get a pension when I retired. People, watch out who you vote for this year, because they are all making a lot of promises and nine times out of 10, none of them keeps any of them. Thank you."

Hi, my name is Rich. Every time I pick up a newspaper, there is always something in it about smoking - this and that - how many people die a year from smoking. Why don't they say something about alcohol? How many people a day die from alcohol in accidents? I mean, they never say anything about alcohol. Alcohol is the killer. Let's try to get the two acts together. Thank you."

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