Letters to the editor 8/27

August 27, 2002

Web Site proves cloud-seeding case

To the editor:

Another dry year. And once again this so-called drought is man made and I have proof that weather modification is the culprit. It's time to wake up to the facts. Front after front has made it's way toward Hagerstown then all of a sudden it dries up. Western Maryland and West Virginia are getting plenty of rain. But yet when it gets here the rain and storms dry up.

Now the proof. The articles I have can be found at These articles confirm everything I and the late Jack Wetzel and countless others have been telling you for years: Cloud seeding is the cause of our droughts.

I have three articles entitled: "How to make a rain cloud vanish," The rain stopper" and "Storm experts make rain cloud vanish." Here are a few excerpts from these articles: "Storm experts in the U.S. made a cloud vanish from the sky" - the article explains that they want to "break up" hurricanes and tropical storms. In the case of a hurricane, "we would not be trying to soak it up altogether. But what we would do is break it up..."


Now read this one: "So we can have sunny days whenever we like, the breakthrough would allow man to control local weather systems. If there was a 50-mile storm front moving in, we could put holes in it. It would keep coming, But if there was a cloud threatening a sports fixture (or anything else) it would be possible to get rid of it"! Another quote: This product (which is the cloud seeding agent) "would make it possible to remove a building thunderstorm from the atmosphere."

How about one more: "Storm researchers in the U.S. have worked out how to make clouds vanish from the sky." These articles absolutely confirm everything what I and others have told you folks in this area for years. That our weather has been and is being manipulated. These articles are confirming that yes, they are breaking up storms, that they can punch holes in a front not only with silver iodide but now with what they call something else.

Think of this folks - these people are boasting that they can break up storms for sporting events, backyard barbecues and I'm sure for construction, also. Everyone needs to go to this site and read it. You should be outraged, and how come the weathercasters on TV don't report this?

Bill Wolfe


Our best days are still ahead

To the editor:

It was a great pleasure for me to be invited to be a judge in this year's Franklin County Fair queen contest and Little Miss Contest. The young ladies who participated did a wonderful job, as did the organizers, parents of the contestants and the spectators.

I would like to thank all the young ladies who participated; even if you did not win the contest, you are all winners. Each contestant did a wonderful job.

When asked what was the greater of faith, hope, and love, one young lady responded by saying love was the greatest of these.

She went on to say how we must love one another, reach out to our neighbors, and show the kind of love that God has shown us. It does my heart good to hear our young people talking with such conviction about helping others and being compassionate.

Young people make up about 30 percent of our population, but they are 100 percent of our future. Having seen the quality and character of the young people who participated in these contests, I am confident in the future of our area.

I share the never-ending optimism of my political hero Ronald Reagan. Our nation has suffered many wounds since last September, but if President Reagan were able to sit next to me at the judges table at the Franklin County Fair queen contest, I'm sure he would feel the same as I do - America's best days are ahead.

Chris Sheffield

Candidate for the Pennsylvania

House of Representatives

89th Legislative District

Shippensburg, Pa.

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