Letters to the editor for 8/26

August 26, 2002

Tell the coach if you need help with transportation

To the editor:

A friend informed me of a letter you published recently concerning a mother who could not transport her son to football practice in the North End of town due to her difficult schedule.

I transport my son daily to North Hagerstown High School from Williamsport and will be taking him to all other practices required.

This mom should ask for help in these instances. There are several of us moms who would be willing to transport her son as often as necessary. Being a working parent myself, I understand how difficult it is to meet everyone's needs.


Mom, please contact your coach about your dilemma. He should be able to hook you up with willing parents to transport your son. Sports are a valuable part of a child's well-being.

Please don't be afraid to ask for help. My son is on a North End team and is enjoying it tremendously. And I've always said that when kids are involved in supervised activities, they can't be doing the other things that get them in trouble.

Kristeen Jones


How much 'personal income' did citizens provide?

To the editor:

In an Aug. 22 article concerning the money paid to John Howard for his retirement, the Washington County Attorney said the amount paid will not be revealed because it was his personal income, not his salary.

I work a job where I am salaried, if I didn't receive my salary, I would not have any income. What's the difference? Attorney Richard Douglas also said the county paid Howard.

I live in the county so I helped pay him, so I would like to know how much personal income he was paid.

Gary Gable


Prisoner asking state to provide MS medicine

To the editor:

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease. However, modern day medications do slow the progress - even to provide healthy appearance for some time. I note TV's Montel Williams as an example: Mr. Williams recently said he has done well with a medicine called 'Copoxon,' which impressed me greatly. 'Novatrone,' and still others hold promise as well. They do not offer cure, but they do prolong life at current stages of development.

Please note that in a four-year period of time, from walking a brisk three miles daily, I have now completely lost the use of my legs; my arms and hands are weak; indeed, death is not far away if I don't get the new medicine soon.

The doctor here at RCI tells me I cannot have the newer drugs, that I am limited to 'Avenex,' which has clearly been of little, if any help to me.

I would beseech those in state authority over Maryland's prisons: Please provide the medicine I need, or free me to get my own.

Bernard Chlop Jr.

No. 285-022


Which prayer?

To the editor:

If the Herald-Mail will be indulgent and generous, I would ask of Madalyn Martin Kuhlman (letter Aug. 15): Would she recommend a Christian, Hebraic, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto or other prayer in American schools?

Dorothy B. Pigott


Thanks so much

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Greencastle Antrim Rescue Hose Company and the surrounding area fire companies for their quick response to our tragic fire on June 27 at Shank Pallet Recyclers in Shady Grove, Pa.

We were amazed at the organization between all the companies. This helped to contain the fire to the barn structure and one trailer. This saved our home, the other buildings and the wooden pallets. The pallet company was able to continue service for our clients and was back in production within a week.

Special thanks goes out for the strong outpouring of support from family, friends, and neighbors, Five Forks Church, G W Electric and Business Associates that assisted in this hard time.

Nelson Shank

Grove, Pa.

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