Where's summer gone?


August 25, 2002|by MARK KELLER

Wow ... already the end of August and the high school season is upon us.

Maybe it's not a coincidence that the baseball strike is scheduled to begin the same day as prep football starts in the Tri-State area. At least fans will be able to watch players who want to be on the field somewhere.

I guarantee there will be nearly as many people at Musselman's opening game Friday night as there are at the average Florida Marlins game.

In all honesty, I don't think the players will strike. There's far too much to lose on both sides this time to allow it.


But, then again, I never thought the Orioles would get back to .500 this year either.

n Speaking of high school football (shameless plug alert), the Herald-Mail 2002 Football Preview Guide will arrive on Thursday, with 72 pages of features on area high school, college and pro football teams.

n The loss of running back Bruce Perry puts a serious crimp into Maryland's hopes of repeating as ACC champions.

If Perry is back within the four-to-eight-week timetable given, he would miss only one ACC game. The problem: It's the Florida State game that he'll miss.

n So, Steve Spurrier is upset about the way the Redskins' comeback win over Pittsburgh was shrugged off.

Get used to the whining, folks, because it's going to be happening all year.

If this had been a regular-season game and Washington pulled out a victory against Pittsburgh's starting defense it would be one thing.

I can even understand Spurrier being happy that the 'Skins did stay in the game instead of giving up.

But for Spurrier, the players, fans and, worst of all, the broadcasters to make this out to be an incredible comeback against one of the best defenses in the league is ridiculous.

And if it were such an impressive feat, why do you trade the quarterback - Sage Rosenfels - who led the way?

n Now that he's is in the league, who's the bigger genius: Spurrier or Denver's Mike Shanahan?

n Did you watch the WNBA playoffs last night?

Yeah, me neither.

n A comforting thought for all you amateur golfers out there. Even a pro deals with the same frustration as we do on the course from time to time.

Scotland's William Guy was disqualified from the Scottish PGA Championship on Friday when he ran out of golf balls.

Guy had lost his entire allocation of balls by the seventh hole of his second round and was unable to borrow balls from his playing partners because they were not playing the same compression or brand.

Just think of Guy the next time you slice one into the woods, and remember you're not alone.

Mark Keller is sports editor of The Herald-Mail. His column runs every Sunday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2332, or by e-mail at

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