Mail Call for August 22

August 23, 2002

"This is the Washington County Museum calling. A change purse and a camera have been turned into the museum. If the owner can call us at 301-739-5727 and describe the items, they can drop by and pick them up."

"For the 'Days of Our Lives' fans. The update on the show is, Lucas and his son are coming back in September. Sami and Lucas' son is going to be older. Also, leaving the show is Phillip in November, but they are going to re-cast him. This is from the true blue 'Days' fan."

"Are there any openings for cheerleading squads for boys or girls from 5 and up for football?"

"The current question about John Howard's compensation proves that in the current county administration, home rule is out of the question. We need the delegates to look over things."

"To the person saying that Washington County is not in a water shortage. Have you sat down to think that if everyone waters their lawns, we will be?"


"For all of us George Street residents who drive, half of the time we can't get out onto the boulevard because nobody will let us. Plus, sometimes the traffic is bumper to bumper and nobody will leave an opening for us to come out. It's a mess. I don't know how many times I have been hit trying to come out of George Street. It's like putting your life in your hands every time you leave George Street because you don't know what is going to happen to you."

"I was reading Mail Call where someone lost an over-the-shoulder purse at a yard sale. If it was an over-the-shoulder purse, why didn't they have it over the shoulder, then they wouldn't have lost it. Makes sense to me."

"Hooray for Paul Swartz for the stand you have taken in the Howard case. Stay with us, Paul, don't resign, stay in there and do what you believe in. You will be the only honest one in there and that will give you a lot more votes. Stay in there."

"I was just reading the article about Paul Swartz offering to resign. Very interesting proposition but I noticed one interesting point - the fact that Swartz called the former county reporter, Scott Butki, rather than the current reporter who has been doing the story on the EDC. It's strange that he wouldn't talk to the lady who has been doing all the research and footwork on this story. Perhaps he was afraid she would have some hard questions he couldn't answer."

Editor's note - Actually, Scott Butki was assigned the story because he was in the office when Swartz arrived for an interview. Reporter Tara Reilly was not around then.

"I just read the article that someone put in about the new stadium and people participating with it in the county. Sad to say, even if we would get a new stadium, people in Washington County won't support it. They would rather go to Frederick, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or wherever and support all their activities. What is wrong with this county? People here just don't care."

"Can anyone tell me what it is that is in my basement? There are little balls all around the edge of the basement and, where the sink is, there are little balls on the leg of the sink. They are not alive. They look like they are dead. Can anyone tell me what these balls are?"

"It just blows my mind that the Washington County community cares so much about John Howard's severance pay and if there is going to be a new stadium or not when the world is full of a bunch of crazy terrorists, AIDS and hunger. People of Washington County, stop being so petty and grow up."

"In response to this West Nile virus, it seems like you can't pick up the paper or turn on the TV without hearing something about it. I am wondering how long before Washington County starts a program to try to get rid of this. Are they waiting until someone has been bitten and dies from it? Seems like we need to get ahead of this thing. Also, someone was asking about bats. If they get some old stocking hose and put some moth balls in them and tie them to where they are coming in at, they will go away."

"To the people on Howell Road who are burning trash. The Washington County Health Department says that it is illegal and, if you are caught, you will be fined. Please stop burning trash. You are ruining my health."

"In reference to the neighbor who has a dog coming into their yard repeatedly to do their business. You call the SPCA, hit number option 4. Leave a message and they will return your call and they will do something about it. I have done this in the past and have gotten good results."

"A Value City store, a supermarket and a beauty shop would really help revive the Longmeadow Shopping Center."

"Washington County certainly is in the water shortage area. The creeks around here are at the lowest they have been in 20 years. When is someone going to put restrictions on using water so people don't water their lawns?"

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