Firefighters show support for Waynesboro fire chief

August 22, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - About a dozen volunteers from the Waynesboro Fire Department went before the Borough Council Wednesday night to support Dale Fishack who, according to their spokesman, is being asked to step down to a part-time position as department chief.

The council also learned that the level of the water in the borough's reservoir is down 54 inches below the spillway prompting a new round of water-use restrictions on borough residents.

Details of the flap between the council and Fishack, who has been the borough's first full-time chief since 1997, could not be learned.


The only comment from Borough Council President Douglas Tengler was that the situation between Fishack and the council was a "personnel matter" that he could not discuss.

Fishack said he wanted to withhold comment until a later time.

Randy Monn of Briar Ridge Drive, a volunteer firefighter with the borough for 30 years, spoke for the dozen volunteers who attended the meeting in support of Fishack.

Monn said there was concern among the volunteers over the news that the council wants to reduce Fishack's status from full time to part time.

"We're here tonight to show the council that we support the chief," Monn said.

Tengler agreed with Monn's request for the council to meet with the volunteers to discuss the situation concerning Fishack.

Meanwhile, John Fleagle, president of the Borough Authority, the agency that runs the borough's public water system, said the authority passed a resolution this week adding new water-use restrictions. They include an outright ban against the washing of motor vehicles by residents. Under the old rules residents were allowed to wash their vehicles every other week.

Commercial establishments are also banned from washing vehicles. The new restrictions do not apply to car washing businesses, which use recycled water.

The new rules restrict automobile dealerships from washing vehicles except when a new one is being delivered to a customer.

Watering of outdoor plants, gardens and grass, even newly seeded, is banned except with the use of buckets or watering cans.

Power washing of surfaces is also prohibited.

Borough Police Chief Ray Schultz said his department has issued several citations to residents who violated the water restriction.

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