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Mail Call for 8/20

August 21, 2002

"This is to the person concerned about seeing everyone watering their lawns around Hagerstown. Washington County is not, I repeat, not in the water shortage area. You are allowed to water your lawns."

"I hope Tim Rowland never leaves The Daily Mail, He is the best. By far, he is the best."

"This is Andy Smith in response to the person who was wondering what our issues are for 'Brothers Who Dare' and if I am the only one up there with the concerns. Our meeting is open to the public. You are more than welcome to visit our office and see what our issues are instead of complaining to Mail Call."

"To the person who keeps dumping trash on Lappans Road in my front yard for the trash man to pick up. Please stop, we know who you are."

"Tim Rowland in Thursday's Morning Herald, Aug. 15, hit the nail on the head. These commissioners are not living up to their responsibilities. Just remember folks, when we get to the polls, throw all five of them out of office. Get some commissioners in there that will stop the crazy spending in this county and disallow any future contracts with the confidentiality statement in it."


"I am calling about the people who are watering their lawns in the Huyetts Crossroad area. It's bad enough you are watering your lawns during a drought condition, you are watering the highway as well. The whole westbound lane of Route 40 is soaking wet. I think someone needs to put a stop to it."

"I know there is a law where if a dog does his business the owner is to pick up after him, if he is not doing it in his own yard. What can you do with a neighbor that lets his dog come over in my yard repeatedly on a regular basis and doesn't pick it up, you ask him repeatedly to keep his dog on his lawn. What recourse can I take?"

"I had went to the SPCA to leave a donation and I was in there looking at the animals. They have a beautiful chocolate lab mix, her name is Henrietta, she is about 2 years old. If anyone could adopt her, she would make a beautiful pet. Her owner had to move out of state and had to give her up. I wish I could have adopted her, but I live in an apartment and can't have pets. The SPCA's phone number is 301-733-2060. Call the number and get their hours."


"I have noticed around Hagerstown that there are a lot of 'Smoking Stops Here' signs, but I also noticed billboards up that says, 'Grab a Beer and Drink Up.' I am glad that we want to stop smoking, but we have to stop drinking, too. Nobody has beaten their wife or killed their spouse because of smoking."

"In response to where the hospital might go. What about the Ames building? That will be empty in a couple of months."

"I think Pangborn Boulevard's name should be changed. We are getting a lot of problems up here now. Maybe we should have a meeting to find out what it should be called now."

"I have a piano to give away, it a brown upright piano with 88 key, standard keyboard. It's on the second floor, if anyone wants to come get. Any church, organization or a private home wants to have it, can come and get it. Call 301-791-7417."

"I am trying to reach as soon as possible the people in Boonsboro who lost their one-half boxer, one-half German pit bull on May 7 from North Main Street. It has yellow with boxer type markings on the face and his name was Maximus. I believe that I may have some information that may help you. The number I have been calling to reach you must be incorrect. Call me at 301-733-3902 as soon as you can."

"Some people in Washington County think that the County Commissioners aren't too smart. But they are smart enough to know that they have to start talking about how much money they paid John Howard. They aren't dumb; with the election coming up, they'll start talking. But I am not going to vote for them."

- Boonsboro

"To the person who wants to know how to get rid of bees, buy some good hairspray, this will make their wings stiff and they won't be able to fly. Good luck."

"It's bad enough that Swartz and Wivell recommended John Howard for another taxpayer-subsidized job at PenMar Corp. before any information about his administrative leave and good old retirement package was made public. Now Commissioner Candidate Jim Brown says that Mr. Howard is being picked on and mistreated. If Mr. Howard didn't want his salary and back-room deals made public, then he should be working in the private sector. I can only guess who candidate Jim Brown plans to represent if he is elected, but it is clearly not the taxpayers of Washington County."

"About the people who keep saying to mind our own business about the child being slapped in the grocery store. Children are everybody's business and if you teach them that beating is a way to respond to some discipline thing, then they will beat other people when they grow up. I hope people will learn to handle their frustrations better and realize that kids are kids."

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