Mail Call for Aug. 19

August 20, 2002

"I just read another article about the stadium issue. I would like to state that the folks need to understand that if we let the stadium fall apart, we lose a ball team. If we lose a ball team, we lose a very big attraction to business. If that happens, our taxes go up. Why can't Hagerstown do something smart, instead of attracting drug dealers and people who live out of the community? Make an investment now, build and have something that we can be proud of and build off of. Instead of having people move into our community to take money out, people who would come in that would benefit from a new stadium or a revitalized stadium would bring money in. Why don't we try and do something unique for a change, do something by thinking ahead instead of always being behind."

"I am really sorry to see Ames going out of business. They had some great sales and some darn good bargains. Now this leaves the East End of town without a nice store to go to. Now that leaves the overcrowded, overused, fight-your-way-through Wal-Mart. Come on people, another Wal-Mart in this area would be great. Let's pull together on this."


"I am not related to John Howard, as a matter of fact, I don't even know him. But all these calls about the severance pay he got, let me ask you this, if this would have been you, would you have taken it? You people are so jealous of everyone, it's unbelievable! Then you wonder why other countries hate us, when half of our people hate each other. Let the guy have that little bit of money."

- Sharpsburg

"I am calling about the poor child that was slapped in the grocery store and everyone who thinks it was OK to do. Disciplining a child is one thing, slapping and humiliating a child is another. All the abuse and abduction that is going on in this world today, I don't think slapping a child is appropriate."

"In Kathleen Parker's column, she has it that we are all to blame for what happened on Sept. 11. I take exception to that. I have been saying all along that Israel needs to get out of the Palestinians' territory, this is what caused all this attack on us. Israel doesn't belong on Palestinian soil and if the United States would have taken a position like that, we would have never been attacked."

"I want to thank The Daily Mail for printing the information about the county commissioner candidates and how they arrived at picking the three conservative, Republicans ones to go first in the paper, I don't know. I guess it was to please Edward James and that bunch that says The Herald-Mail is biased to the left. But you know what, they are going to have a big surprise come November because I am hearing it all over the county already, that the anti-development slate is going to be a winner big time. There is no doubt about it."

"I have been crying my eyes out about the hospital and now Ames, my favorite store is closing. What is going to become of the Ames Plaza? I am downright sad that the trauma center and Ames are gone. Gee whiz, there isn't going to be anything left. Please don't let Hagerstown go down the drain."

"Usually I read Mail Call because it's a good laugh at the end of the day. But I was so saddened when I read about the woman slapping her child. It's discipline and spanking I believe, but you don't hit anyone in the face."

"To the person complaining about someone having their belongings out in their yard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Are you paying their bills, do you own their home? They have a right to have their belongings in their yard as long as they want. How do you know if it's a yard sale? They might have it out there because they are waiting to take it to the dump. Mind your own business. Who cares what it looks like to your property?"

"To the person complaining about the woman who slapped her child at the supermarket: Is that your child? How do you feel about disciplining your child? Let me guess you are one of those parents that doesn't discipline your child and that is what's wrong with children these days. They walk all over the parents, get what they want, when they want it. There has to be a line somewhere. I think disciplining your children should be a law. If you have a problem with it, approach the person next time. You don't have enough guts to do that, do ya!"

"Thank you, Herald-Mail, for sending someone out to make sure that we had gotten our papers this week. We really appreciate your efforts."

"I am a taxpayer from Smithsburg and I am appalled the way our police department has been acting. We are fed up with the way they are running this police department. We would like to see our police on the street knowing that someone is around. We don't mean running around giving a bunch of tickets out, we mean seeing that they are around town to stop crime. They said that crime is going up in Smithsburg, well it's no wonder, we never see our chief or policeman on the street."

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