Letters to the editor for 8/17

August 17, 2002

Pledge needs an amendment

To the editor:

I have recently signed a petition being promoted by in support of a Constitutional Amendment to protect the Pledge of Allegiance and our National Motto. In light of what two judges in the 9th Circuit did ruling the pledge unconstitutional, I feel we need this amendment.

Even if their actions are overturned, other liberal judges will continue to try to force their narrow view on the nation.

I invite others to join in this effort. is seeking 10 million signers. For more information, visit on the web.


Be sure to contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators, asking them to co-sponsor the House bill (H.J. Res. 108) and the Senate bill (S.J. Res. 43). You can reach your Congressman and both Senators at 202-224-3121.

Raymond White


Legislature needs a shake-up

To the editor:

The recent news that West Virginia's three-day sales tax holiday was a success came as no surprise to those of us who have long advocated for lower taxes. Simply put, when you reduce or eliminate taxes, you generate more revenue through increased consumer spending and business activity.

Unfortunately our current legislative leadership doesn't get this basic concept. This includes Jefferson County Del. John Doyle, whose Finance Committee significantly rolled back the sales tax holiday for fear the state might lose money.

Del. Doyle is stuck in the old liberal belief that cutting taxes is a bad idea.

That is why voters in Jefferson County would be wise this election to vote for a real friend of the taxpayer, Dave Ebbitt. Dave is an emergency-room physician here at City Hospital and understands how high taxes, particularly the tax charged to medical providers who care for the sick, does not work. This medical- provider tax, along with high malpractice rates, are driving good doctors out of West Virginia. And it won't end with just doctors paying higher malpractice insurance premiums. It will eventually hit us all in higher premiums for our homeowners' insurance and our automobile insurance.

Change in Charleston can start right here in the Eastern Panhandle by electing Dave Ebbitt, a family man with two small children to raise. He understands the need to stretch the household budget and how high insurance rates and high taxes, such as West Virginia's food tax, gas tax and business taxes, are grossly out of line with our neighboring states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and need to be reduced.

The choice in Jefferson County is clear this election. If you want lower taxes and a more favorable business climate, then Dave Ebbitt is your choice for delegate.

Jerry Mays

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Prosecutor didn't do a proper job

To the editor:

I am the mother of Justin Lawson who was stabbed to death by T.J. Sims.

Recently Sims, charged with felony manslaughter, was convicted of a misdemeanor offense and faces little if any jail time.

Had long-time Berkeley County Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely tried a better case against Simms the verdict may have been very different.

Games-Neely was annoyed I would not accept a plea agreement. I sat in the courtroom watching in disbelief as she failed to present an adequate prosecution.

Had Neely bothered to call Steve Greenfield as a witness the jury would have learned that just prior to the altercation Sims challenged Justin to the fight.

Neely never challenged the defense's false assertion that Justin weighed 78 pounds more than Simms. Eight weeks before my son's death he received his driver's license reporting his weight as 165 pounds, the same as Sims.

It is my sincerest hope others will not find themselves in my situation, heart-broken and desperately hoping for justice only to be made a victim once again due the performance of Ms. Games-Neely.

In the next election I will not tell people who they should vote for county prosecutor, but I hope people will think twice before voting for Ms. Games-Neely.

Vicki Lawson

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Keep your trash

To the editor:

I was standing in my driveway on the Boyd Road and a dark blue Ranger went by and threw out a bunch of napkins on my property.

Later on a light blue Ranger went by and threw out a Diet Pepsi can on my property. Hey, I didn't raise the landfill prices, so don't dump it on me. Throw it out on the county commissioners' lawns. They're the ones who upped the price at the landfill. I got my own trash to take care of, so I don't need yours.

John Baker

Clear Spring

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