Antrim supervisors looking to new building

August 16, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Growth in Antrim Township, the fastest-growing in Franklin County, coupled with increasing state mandates like a pending statewide building code, means more government workers will be needed in the future, a township administrator said Thursday.

The Antrim Township Supervisors are looking at the south end of their five acres of rectangular-shaped land on Antrim Church Road as a site for a new office building to replace the overcrowded 23,000-square-foot structure they have occupied since 1978.

Before that, the township operated out of a house that was converted into office space, Township Administrator Ben Thomas said.

The existing office building will continue to be used even when the new one is built next to it, Thomas said.


The old building will provide more room for the roads department. Whether District Justice Shirley Shatzer's office moves into the new building or stays in the old one has not been decided, Thomas said. In either case Shatzer will get more room than she has now.

The supervisors hold their meetings in the old building, which also houses Thomas's office, that of a second township administrator and the office's secretaries.

Eight people work in the building now, Thomas said.

Township employees are designing the new building to save engineering and architect fees, Thomas said. The final design is yet to be completed, but the 60-foot-by-100-foot building is expected to reach two stories. Only the first floor in the new building would be finished. The second floor will be available for future use when needed.

The supervisors have been thinking about a new building for about three years and sent the staff out looking for possible building sites until they decided to build on their own land to save money, Thomas said.

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