Mail Call for 8/14

August 15, 2002

"I just wanted to thank Mr. Hetzer's Company for doing a fantastic and excellent job on Broadfording Road."

"I wanted to voice my opinion about what happened to that man at City Park. Mr. High, I was noplace near there, but if I would have been working at the concession stand, not only would you have gotten water, but I would have bought a bottle of water myself. I would never have refused you water. I don't care if I would have lost my job there, I would have given the water to you."

"Hold on to your seats Hagerstown residents, because it looks like its going to be another hazy, hot and humid week. So if you have air conditioning stay inside."

"I was wondering when the North High Class of 1977 is having their reunion this year. I would like to know the date and times."


"The article in Monday's paper about Mr. High going down the hill at the City Park is very unfortunate and hope nobody else experiences such an ordeal, but let's not get the cart before the horse. Is Mr. High to blame, is the concession to blame, is the citizens of Hagers-town to blame NO! Remember now, it said that the water fountain was out of order, the City of Hagerstown is at fault, the Parks Department is at fault for not having the fountain there on a hot summer day. So, if he would have gotten water at the fountain, none of this would have happened. So, let's talk to the City Council and Mayor and find out who handles the fountains at the City Park."

"I am sorry Mr. High for what happened to you at the City Park. But to Mr. Hendershot, never mind the $75,000 to $80,000 to make all the parks accessible handicaps, let's get all the facilities to work. Let's do that first. The fountain was the only thing at fault, nobody else."

"I just wanted to give a big thank you to Mr. Carter for his dedication for delivering the Daily Mail in the Halfway area. Thanks again, from someone in Halfway."

"I am reading Monday's Mail Call and I am reading where someone said they saw a lady in a grocery store slap her daughter and they are calling it child abuse. Does this mean you aren't even allowed to slap your own kids?"

"I have a suggestion for the county commissioners, excluding Mr. John Schnebly who is not running for re-election, either you tell us taxpayers the inside story on this County EDC Executive Director and what you have done with our tax money regarding him, or pack your bags and get out of the race for county commissioners. I for one will not vote for an office holder connected to secretive, behind-closed-door actions pertaining to my tax dollars. I feel sure that the majority of taxpaying voters feel the same way I do."

"I would like to know when King Road began to have a gun club there. Every Sunday afternoon there are guns, shotguns going off for hours at a time. Nobody on King Road ever reports it to the authorities, I guess it doesn't bother them."

"I would like to thank the Washington County Roads Department for giving us the new guy that mows in the Antietam and Dargan area. He does a wonderful job, two thumbs up."

"I am looking for someone who would know about cheerleading for toddlers, I have a 3-year-old. I have seen the cheerleaders in the parade and I would like to know of a place to sign my 3-year-old up. Can someone call in with a name or number?"

"I was reading about Mr. High's accident at City Park. I have been through that myself at City Park. I asked for a cup of tap water one day, and I even offered to pay for the cup and they wouldn't give it to me. I am not in a wheelchair or anything but that's beside the point."

"Am I the only person in Washington County who feels that we have a problem with vandalism? I am reading the paper and I get that impression, also from personal experience, episodes reported to the police, often don't get in the paper."

"To the person who saw the mother slap the daughter in the face, you need to mind your own business. The Child Abuse Hotline thinks that everything is child abuse, even the slightest tap on the rear end is abuse. You need to mind your own business, you don't know if she was sassing her mother or what. So mind your own business."

"To all the slumlords out there. Not every tenant is the same and you need to lay off your new tenants and try to make things livable for them and their children. Does anyone know of number I can turn my landlord in for not fixing anything in my apartment building, I would appreciate it."

"I would like to thank all the mail carriers for the job they are doing in this hot weather."

"I am wondering if anyone noticed the helicopter in the east end of Hagerstown Saturday morning and knows what it was doing there."

"I don't know why everyone is so excited about this hospital thing. First of all, the hospital does not have enough money to build a new one because they are losing so much now for not having a trauma center. The census is down and there is no bank in the United States that would give money to a company that is not making money right now."

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