Mail Call for 8/13

August 14, 2002
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"I don't know why people don't use common sense. If the hospital doesn't want a trauma center, then build a new trauma center by itself and let the hospital stay where it is. The same with down here in Boonsboro, they are going to have a mini mart. Why don't they put a Wal-Mart down here? I think that would cover it all. That would give jobs to the teenagers and seniors."

"Concerning the new hospital. They claim that there is going to be one person to a room. Who is going to pay for the room? The insurance companies don't pay for private rooms. So they will be losing out right there."

"Everyone keeps blaming the doctors for the problem with the trauma center. What about the administration which didn't even know that there wouldn't be enough doctors when some of them retired? They want to build a new hospital and they said they don't even have the money. I hope the administration straightens up at the hospital."


"Why doesn't Mr. Smith ever state what programs he is running at 'Brothers Who Dare' so the other people could pitch in and help his programs? What is he doing to fight drugs and so forth on the Jonathan Street area. Or is he just what it seems, constantly complaining? He is the only one I ever hear of from Brothers Who Dare. It seems like he is the only one there."

"The Crime Watch Group for North Mulberry Street and East Washington Street will meet at the VFW at the corner of Washington and Locust streets on Tuesday, Aug.13, at 7 p.m. We will be looking for everyone who is interested in their neighborhood."

"Another article about the hospital. Isn't this about the 15th or 16th article straight. Is there any other news in Washington County? Why are people so up in arms about the hospital? As far as I am concerned, they can put it on the Downsville Pike. At least the taxpayers who paid for the $3 to $6 million exit down there for no reason at all, would get something for their money. They spent $3 million of federal taxpayers' money to build a road beside Valley Mall to subsidize private enterprise, that should have never been done. So I guess they could build it at Robinwood and charge taxpayers $20- some million to improve roads around here. This county has no vision or no brains period. As far as the hospital goes, don't go to the hospital unless you are sick."

"For the person who has information about the dog living in the woods off of Marshall Street, call 301-739-1618."

"I think it is great the way The Maryland Theatre's staff works with the children's theater group, and assists in helping the children. They go out of their way to assure the safety of the children, they are involved in seeing that the children have a nice party at the end and that they children will remember. Thanks to Pat and The Maryland Theatre staff."

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