School board numbers

August 12, 2002

Editor's Note: As students prepare to return to school, The Herald-Mail has provided information about various school systems in a Back-To-School section published Aug. 8 and on the Education page. The following are telephone numbers for members of Boards of Education and superintendents in Jefferson and Morgan counties and in Frederick.

Jefferson County Board of Education

Lori Stilley, president, 304-728-6612

Delores Milstead, 304-725-0569

Cheryl Huff, 304-725-4989

Doris Cline, 304-725-2518

Paul Manzuk, 304-725-5745

Superintendent R. Steven Nichols, 304-725-9225

Frederick County Schools

Main administrative offices:

- 115 East Church St., Frederick, MD 21701

- 7630 Hayward Rd., Frederick, MD 21702


Frederick County Public Schools information, 301-644-5000

Information about School Board meetings is available weekdays at 301-696-6850.

Dr. Jack Dale, superintendent, 301-696-6910.

The following Board of Education members can be reached through the board office at 301-696-6850, or via their e-mail addresses:

Ronald W. Peppe II, president,

Daryl A. Boffman, vice president,

Deborah A. Aughenbaugh,

Stephen Crawford,

Anne B. Hooper,

Linda S. Naylor,

Jean A. Smith,

Anil K. Nathan, student representative

Morgan County Board of Education

G. Larry Omps, president, 304-258-2993

Margaret H. Zembower, 304-947-7261

Luke Christie, 304-258-6712

Laura S. Smith, 304-258-2534

Superintendent Steve Paine, 304-258-2430, ext. 30.

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