Letters to the editor 8/12

August 12, 2002

Taylor leading fight for better health care

To the editor:

The following is a direct quote from the Wednesday, July 31 lead editorial in The Baltimore Sun, "Led by House Speaker, Casper R. Taylor Jr. and Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG) this coalition of forces hopes to reorganize the state medical system and to use income tax credits that would allow the uninsured to buy health care insurance. A number of organizations, including the Maryland Citizen Health Initiative, have signed on with enthusiasm tempered only by their interest in hearing more of the details."

The editorial discusses the fact that many Marylanders living in or near poverty have no health insurance and most of them have chronic medical problems. The editorial concluded by stating, "Mr. Taylor's proposal, which he hopes to pursue step by careful step, has the virtue of addressing a need too long neglected by government in Maryland."


The above described effort by Speaker Taylor demonstrates that he truly cares and is concerned by those in need of help. This is not a handout. No tax increase of any kind is envisioned or contemplated. Also, this effort by Speaker Taylor is indicative of his ability to bring together groups such as the Maryland Business for Responsive Government, the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative, plus the state and federal government.

Getting everybody on the same page is a tough job and as a consensus builder, Cas Taylor is an outstanding leader. We, in the three Western most counties (Allegany, Washington and Garrett), are the recipients of Cas Taylor's position as Speaker of the House and his continuous dedication to make Western Maryland a better place to live, work and play. We can thank our lucky stars the Speaker is from Western Maryland and not from the Baltimore-Washington beltway.

Frederick J. Hill

Cumberland, Md.

Interstate 81 must be widened

To the editor:

I am writing in reference to a published letter on July 29 from Lisa Shoemaker in Pennsylvania.

West Virginia is already expanding Interstate 81 to a three-lane highway. And I believe Maryland and Pennsylvania have to do the same.

With the amount of traffic on the interstate right now and the speed which most vehicles travel (passing me at 75 and 85 mph) who wants to be driving on a three-lane highway with lots of busy traffic and come onto a two-lane area? Not me! People are full of road rage now. Can you imagine the bottleneck?

As for the question of taking out the median strip? That's a very dangerous idea, with the large tractor-trailers, dump trucks and etc. on the road!

What's to prevent them from coming over into the traffic going in the opposite direction when someone loses control of his vehicle? It happens far too many times now.

In closing, I believe the governments have to stay one step ahead of time and traffic.

Joyce Sperry


Williams' son wants cold hard cash

To the editor:

You and I both know that, despite the thousands of signatures Ted Williams signed at the behest of his cash register son, there will never be a document found that says, "Put me next to the frozen peas." But that will not stop John Henry, a chip off the ol' ice block. We also know that this is strictly about the money, and any thoughts otherwise is to believe this Rod Sterling fiction. Even defrosted and revived he would still have a stroke-ridden brain and a body with a bad heart and decayed arterial system directly related to the cause of death.

And where is the cure coming from? We probably spend more a day on defense than the NIH is allocated for an entire year of cancer research alone. Baseball will be a quaint relic found in hologram displays by the time they could actually "save" him.

Because John Henry has never had a real job other than getting his father to sign anything put in front of him, you can forget the all the nice, antiseptic talk about cloning, DNA and the like. John Henry needs money and the collector ghouls will be out. How much would a matching set of those famous batting average arms cost? Call John Henry for the latest Ted William's catalog, with prices available upon request.

Jay B. Tabor

Hedgesville, W.Va.

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