Area Roundup for Sunday

August 11, 2002

PONY advances to title game

OONSOCKETT, R.I. - Hagerstown A defeated Rockingham, N.C. 14-1 Saturday to earn a berth in the PONY League the East Zone tournament final.

If Hagerstown wins it's 11 a.m. game today, it advances to the PONY World Series next weekend in Washington, Pa.

Aerik Taylor had two hits and Philip Jordan had two hits and four RBI for Hagerstown A on Saturday. Scott Keeney picked up the win with 10 strikeouts.

Hagerstown defeated New Bedford, Maine, 16-9 on Friday. Taylor had three hits, including a home run, Bruce Kerris had two hits, including a home run, and Matt Murray and Jordan each had two hits.


Ausherman Memorial

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - More than 300 finished the 15th annual Tom Ausherman Memorial 5-mile run Saturday with Kenyans sweeping both the men's and women's top spots.


Kenyan's Daniel Cheruiyot won the men's race in 23:11.0 while Alice Muriithe won the women's race in 27:47.6.

Maria Spinnler won the women's masters division and finished sixth overall at 29:35.1. Andrey Kuhnsetsov, of Russia, was fourth overall and the men's masters winner at 24:05.9.

Among the top 10 were local runner Ed Schlichter, of Chambersburg, Chris Pereschuk, of Hagerstown, and Tim Schuler, of Chambersburg, in the men's race and Susan Graham-Gray, of Greencastle, Pa., and Kylee Schuler, of Chambersburg, in the women's race. Schlichter was fifth (24:58.3), Pereschuk was eighth (25:38.1) and Schuler was 10th (25:46.2) in the men's race while Graham-Gray was third (28:43.8) and Schuler, a 16-year-old, was seventh (30:20.4) in the women's race.

Men's Top 10 (* Masters winner)

1. Daniel Cheriyot 23:11.0; 2. Daniel Kihara 23:46.2; 3. Bobby Lockhart, 23:55.5; *4. Andrey Kuhnestov 24:05.9; 5. Ed Schlichter 24:58.3; 6. Francis Kamau 25:14.3; 7. Rick Rouchdtree 25:21.9; 8. Chris Pereschuk 25:38.1; 9. Scott Sehon 25:39.4; 10. Tim Schuler 25:46.4.

Women's Top 10 (* Masters winner)

1. Alice Muriithe 27:47.6; 2. Trina Suvorova 27:57.3; 3. Susan Graham-Gray 28:43. 8; 4. Vicki Couller 25:52.3; 5. Brenda Schrank 29:23.8; *6. Maria Spinnler 29:35.1; 7. Kylee Schuler 30:20.4; 8. Laura Nelson 31:03.3; 9. Cyndee Winkelmann 31:22.6; 10. Bri Lambert 32:05.4.


Bradenburg Memorial

At American Little League

Brunswick 10, Valley 5: Elie McCarthy, Matt Gourl, and Nicki King each had two hits for Brunswick. Jack Schwartz had two hits for Valley.

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