Mail Call for 8/10

August 10, 2002

"In response to the school age child-care incident that occurred the other day where the two 6-year-old boys walked away. I had my son, who is handicapped, in Dee Snyder's care for two or three years. She is a wonderful person. I don't think what happened was right, but I don't think she would have hired the people that let the children go or not called the police right away if she knew this was going to happen. I just wanted to say that she is a very wonderful person."

"Does anyone else agree with me? The older people get to where they don't want to cook anymore and the younger people don't have the time. That is why the restaurants today are so crowded and the lines are so long. I am up in age, but I love to cook."

"I want to thank the county roads department for the good job they did on Clevelandtown Road. But there are still a few mailboxes that need to be cleaned up."


"I am white and I have a lot of good black friends and I am tired of hearing people complain because they make up excuses that the white people aren't showing them any attention. I think the black community is getting as much attention as the white community. Drug dealers are the scum of the earth whether they are black or white. Let's all get together and talk about what we can do together instead of what we do to each other."

- Sharpsburg

"I was glad to see the paving of Memorial Boulevard on Wednesday at the underpass. I hope it continues past Bester School to eliminate the washboard effect there. Another terrible street to drive is north on Walnut Street by St. Mary's Church. Some jobs are much better than others. Let's hope that Washington Street and Franklin Street are smooth when the state gets finished. Right now I hate to drive downtown."

"I have found that using a daily dose of iodine also cures toe nail fungus."

"In regards to the Mail Call on Wednesday, the lady who called in about the change purse, referred herself as a 50 year old, first place, she should have never brought it up and secondly, she should have known better what to experience."

"To the organization 'Brothers Who Dare,' don't ask what your city can do for you, ask what you can do for your city."

"The hospital director should be more interested in recruiting physicians from the area and retaining the employees they already have. Plus, more importantly, getting the trauma center up and running."

"To the person who was asking about legal advice for elderly people on a fixed income. I suggest that you call a local attorney. Maryland attorney's now have to report all their pro bono legal work on an annual basis. So there might be some attorneys out there who are looking for some volunteer legal services."

"In response to the person who wanted to know about the Boonsboro Class of '77 reunion. It is going to be Aug. 17. If you are interested in coming, the number to call is 301-416-2373."

"I am trying to find someone who has some experience putting in some ponds. If you do, leave your name and number in Mail Call."

"I lost a 14K gold hoop earring, possibility in City Park. If you found it, call Mail Call and leave the information."

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