In LIFE, Ag boys prefer money over girls

August 10, 2002|by Liz Boch

Taking a break from helping serve ice cream at the Washington County Ag Expo, Walter, Bradley and Brandon Martin of Hagerstown gathered at a table in the shade to play the game of LIFE.

For these boys, the game is all about the money.

"We like it because you can make a lot of money," said 11-year-old Walter. "You have to get married in the game and I don't like that. I don't exactly like girls this second at my age."

Brandon, 8, said he likes to play the police officer in the game because he can make quick cash.

"You make a lot of money when you catch people speeding," he said.

Sarah Johnson and Julie Markwell said they did "OK" in the 4-H/FFA Horse Show Friday morning.

Both girls prefer riding English-style, without horns on their saddles to hold lassos for herding.

"We feel more comfortable with it," said 18-year-old Julie of Frederick. "In Western you can only hold on with one hand. You have more control over the English."


Morgan Smith, 12, disagreed and rode Western-style for the show.

"I like English, too, but my horse is better as Western," the Clear Spring resident said. "He goes slower and in Western, you're supposed to have a relaxed posture, so slower's better."

Shannon Uzelac woke up to a practical joke Monday morning.

Her friends Denton and Spencer Leggett and Jamie and Stacy Beckley spent Sunday night putting fake frogs, butterflies, flowers, a bird cage and a running sprinkler on her sheep pens. They also attached a caterpillar-shaped swim toy to her goat pen fence.

"They said they'd been planning this for a while," the 18-year-old Hagerstown resident said. "Our three families all go to state fair, so we're pretty close. I thought the whole thing was funny."

The pranksters designed the animal motif after the name of Uzelac's farm: Kritter-Lane Farm.

"They hid behind the rabbit cages and my mom got hit with the sprinkler," Uzelac said as she studied how to dismantle the caterpillar. "They got up a little earlier than I did that morning."

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