Letters to the editor - 8/10/02

August 10, 2002

We need more cell towers

To the editor:

I am disturbed by the backlash received by people trying to improve cell phone coverage in Washington County.

Just because cell phones didn't exist in 1865 doesn't mean they are wrong. I'm sure if those generals had had access to our communication technology they would have had towers everywhere.

It seems to me that if the people who spend so much time and energy blocking communication towers in this area would use some of their talents slowing the proliferation of cracker-box quality town homes being built, we could actually improve the quality of life and value of real estate in this county.

Butch Moser


Courts are killing our rights

To the editor:

I've been told and have heard it said by politicians that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are living documents. This means it's open for change by the Supreme Court.


I understand that the Bill of Rights has words in it, like "no law shall be enacted to abridge these rights." Yet there have been hundreds of new laws passed by the Supreme Court dealing with the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and other things written in both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are living documents, why is the government trying to kill them?

John Worsham No. 129550

Western Correctional Institution

Cumberland, Md.

Good article

To the editor:

This is for all the advocates of a taxpayer-funded stadium of Hagerstown and Washington County.

I respectfully suggest that you obtain a copy of the current American Legion magazine (August 2002). Turn to page 38 and carefully read the article titled "Tax Me Out to the Ballgame." If, after reading this article you are still convinced that we taxpayers would be better off with a new stadium as compared to the present one, I am sure you are living in a dream world with your head in the sand.

As the article states, "Publicly funded stadiums rarely deliver on their promise to bring economic stimulation to struggling cities."

Art Modell convinced Gov. "Spendenning" that a new stadium for his football team would be the greatest thing for Baltimore since ice cream. It turns out that nothing could be further from the truth. Stadium advocates, read the article to which I refer and weep!

I am sending a copy of this letter to County commissioner Paul Swartz and to Mayor William Breichner. I sincerely hope they read the article to which I refer in the American Legion magazine.

John H. McCune


Keep your guns at the ready

To the editor:

I've noticed that more and more people are coming around to the idea of homeland defense and the Second Amendment are very closely related.

The letter from Ron Amos was particularly good. He apparently has educated himself on the history of freedom and the need for the Second Amendment. Personally, I believe that not only are we, as citizens, required to keep firearms and ammo, but we are also required to be proficient with them. I believe that if people can't afford a firearm, the federal government should provide them with one.

Now I know that some people are going to find that idea in poor taste.

But I think that if you look at history you'll find that the main reason we haven't been invaded is because most people already have firearms and these despots know that they could never win. American's are not afraid of armed conflicts and people like Saddam Hussein know it. That's why they are trying to get weapons of mass destruction.

Without them, they are nothing and they know it. Something else you may want to consider is the growth of Islam in prison, especially the brand of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia. Slavery is practiced in Africa to this day, by governments that are run by Islamic people.

They approve of slavery and have slaves of their own, black slaves! People are taking black men into slavery in Africa today. Personally, I couldn't justify being part of any religion that allows people to be taken into slavery.

James Bailey


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