Letters to the editor 8/8

August 08, 2002

Wrestling doesn't belong at Ag Expo

To the editor:

I would like to express my disappointment in the Washington County Ag Expo organizers' decision to include professional wrestling as part of this year's program.

For years, I have failed to understand why this is considered "family" entertainment. The glorification of violence - simulated or not - should not be supported. And to say that everyone understands the violence is fake is simply not true.

Children often have no idea that impersonating these television caricatures will lead to hurting others and even themselves. I'm afraid to say that, possibly some of the adults may even be unaware this stuff is scripted. I'm also a little confused as to where the agriculture element is found in this "sport." Please, Mr. and Ms. organizers, use better judgment next year.


Ken Garber


Vote Redenbo for commissioner

To the editor:

It was with a refreshing sigh of relief that I read the letter written to The Herald Mail by county commissioner candidate Kurt Redenbo which appeared on Wednesday July 31.

I was beginning to believe that there were no candidates for public office who were willing to even entertain the idea that there may be some pragmatic reasons for retaining at least some of America's farm land in its current usage.

Redenbo correctly points out that there are no "friends of the farmer" among the current crop of incumbent or hopeful county commissioners. Redenbo correctly points out that there is more than enough room for new building within the urban growth corridors. By God, this man has it right.

Remember that your friendly South County developers are only here because Frederick County has given them the boot! That's because they have run out of water on the eastern slope of South Mountain.

Let us also give them the boot (my creek is at an all-time low too), or perhaps we could offer them some swell high density development somewhere in western Washington County; that ploy would expose them for what they are. We need to promote development that is good for all citizens and interest groups of Washington County. We as taxpayers need to direct the type of growth that we want and need.

We should not have to spend our efforts of fending off the type of poorly planned haphazard development that is now occurring. If it was crystal clear to our County Commissioners that they did not want Wal-Mart in Funkstown, it should be equally clear that they should not want the current reckless rural development.

At least Wal-Mart would have added something to our county in the way of lasting jobs and economic development. The current developments make some wealthy while the rest of us are left behind to pay for new schools, roads, infrastructure, etc.

Vote for Redenbo for county commissioner; and if you like it vote for me as a write-in candidate also. I can assure you that people like Redenbo, like myself and like you, are far more interested in doing the right thing for the general public interest than are the current crop of incumbents.

Vote for whom you like. However please do not simply vote for a recognizable name. Vote for what a person genuinely stands for and will do. The only hope for change in our county is new faces. Please get out and vote for anyone but incumbents this fall.

While I am at it, I would like to propose that Washington County elect a county executive as well as a county commission. We have a very unwieldy form of county government. What would be wrong with Washington County having an executive? We have a president of the United States and we have a governor. Why do we not have a county executive?

We need a system of checks and balances in this county just as our founding fathers provided for our nation. This is a very important protection against hack politics.

We need and deserve a system of local checks and balances. Would someone please start a petition drive for this purpose? Thank you.

Rodney T. Pearson Sr.


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