Candidate Munson calls debt chief issue

August 08, 2002

Editor's Note: Twenty-one candidates have filed for five Washington County Commissioners' seats. Ten of the candidates - five Democrats and five Republicans - will be selected as their parties' nominees in the Sept. 10 primary. The general election is Nov. 5. We asked each of the candidates the same five questions. Tomorrow: William Russell

John Munson
Retired postmaster
17817 Bluebell Drive

1. Do you think the county gives the School Board enough money? Why or why not?

Munson said he supports adequate pay for teachers but they should realize they will never be the highest paid in the state. Before the county considers giving more money to the School Board, the board must demonstrate it can save money. One way the board can do this would be to stop lighting parking lots all night.

2. Do you support a tax to fund fire and rescue services? Why or why not?

No. Fire companies have volunteers to raise money and the county gives the companies adequate money. "I don't think the taxpayers can stand any more taxes."


3. Should the county help fund a new baseball stadium? Why or why not?

"Definitely not. Private enterprise should build the enterprise if they think they need it. The county taxpayers should have nothing to do with it."

4. Should the county provide funds for additional deputies and, if so, where would the money come from?

No. Munson said spending on the Detention Center has resulted in what he calls the "Taj Mahal." He said some of Sheriff's Department employees working in administration and judicial division should do patrol work.

5. What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the county and why?

The $156 million total debt and $7 million a year in interest is the biggest issue because taxpayers have to bear the costs of the debt. Munson said government waste is ridiculous. "We can't keep going on like this."

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