Expo animals win youngsters' hearts

August 07, 2002|by Liz Boch

After touching the head of a baby goat for the first time, young Carlan Gray wanted to be inside the pen.

Carlan, 2, of Greencastle, Pa., climbed up the fence. "I want to go in there. He's soft. I like that one," he said of the white baby goat.

His grandmother, Fran Gray of Hagerstown, scooped him up before he could climb in, pointed to the neighboring pen and said, "See that baby calf? That's called chewing his cud," to distract her grandson from the goat now tugging at his socks.


Carlan freed himself from his grandmother in time for the goat to lick his legs.

"He's my favorite," he said while laughing at his new friend.

Although Danielle Moore doesn't know how to ride a horse, that doesn't mean she will never learn.

The 8-year-old from Hagerstown, who was wearing a brown cowboy hat with white trim, decided Tuesday that horses - big horses - were her favorite animal.

"I've gone on pony rides before," she said. "I want to learn. I like the horses because I like to ride them."

Her mother, Luann Moore of Hagerstown, said after her daughter's encounter with the horse that her living arrangements might change.

"My kids want me to move to the country and get a new house so we can get these animals," she said.

Many young girls and boys climbed up and around the tractors at Ag Expo Tuesday morning, pretending to plow the fields.

"We always ride on these," said Cory DeBaugh, 5, of Boonsboro. "We don't have one at home. I want to buy it. My daddy said I could drive it."

Macayla Wiles, 7, of Hagerstown said she likes getting up speed in her green John Deere tractor.

"If I was going to a birthday party, I'd put my presents in the back for my friends," Macayla said. "I'd put something on top of the back so it wouldn't rain on them."

Logan Unger, 5, of Hagerstown, said that after sitting in a yellow tractor at Ag Expo, he's hooked.

"It's like my daddy's. He has an old yellow one and it's dirty," Logan said. "I'm going to ride in one again today."

Connor Arnone, 9, said his mom made him ride Dolly the pony.

"She said, 'Get on please, please, please,'" Connor, of Williamsport, said. His mother, Nancy Arnone, reminded him she only encouraged him to jump on.

Although he was not a fan of the ponies, Connor said he loved the newborn piglets in the petting farm. He also enjoyed the "cow show."

"They brought in neat cows with neat designs on them. I guessed the winner," he said.

His sister, Casey Arnone, considered her pony ride the best attraction at the Ag Expo and said she plans to ask her mom to schedule riding lessons for her.

"My favorites are horses and ponies because I like to ride them and I get to pet them," said Casey, 8.

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