Mail Call for 8/6

August 07, 2002

"For the person who wanted to know a recipe for homemade window cleaner. I use equal amounts of alcohol, clear ammonia and water. Mix together in a spray bottle, add a few drops of blue food coloring and you have a window cleaner much better and much cheaper than you can buy in a store. I have been using it for years and it works great."

"Honestly, what is wrong with the current hospital we have? We are remodeling it and it has everything we need. Why do you want to go and tear down people's houses? It's just dumb."

"In response to the person who called in about the slum lords. I have some rental properties in the Hagerstown area and I am here to tell you that in the past five years, since I have had this rental property, I have put three new kitchen floors in and put two new carpets in these houses. Every time I have tenants move out, they rip up the place. So I don't blame the landlords for not remodeling. If the tenants took care of the places, then the landlords would be more out to do this. When you take them to court for damages and the rent they didn't pay, they turn around and file bankruptcy."


"To the person who wanted the cheap homemade window cleaner. Mix one quarter cup of vinegar to a quart of water. That will clean your windows perfectly."

"In response to the article about the slum landlords. I can't blame a lot of these landlords for not fixing these places up. There are a lot of good tenants, but there are a lot of bad tenants that tear these places up. They should go down to the courthouse on Thursdays and Fridays and see how many of them are down there trying to get rent and back rent, damages. It costs a lot of money. This is why the landlords don't fix these places up. Why keep throwing good money after bad?"

"To the person at the food place who found the change purse and expected a reward. How pathetic. I bet if you knew that in advance, you would have kept it. That would figure, that is how most of the world is today."

"Are you as sick as I am of the foreigners bad mouthing Americans? The Russians, the French, all those jealous foreigners. If you are, let me know."

"Does anyone know who had a BB gun and shot a boy at the corner of George Street and High Street? If you do, or if you are the one, turn yourself into the police because there are charges going to be filed against the person that did it."

"To the people that keep stealing things off graves. How can you sleep at night with yourself and feel innocent? Just remember, what comes around goes around."

"To the City Council and mayor. Way to go! Push for that law that requires the city to get new building inspectors at the expense of the landlords. That is the only way the landlords will ever maintain their property in a good way, so we won't be ashamed of the downtown or other areas, like we are now. Landlords, if you wouldn't be so lazy, you wouldn't have to worry about the inspectors."

"To the person who called in and said that Glendening is spending tax money for anti-smoking campaigns. You need to do your homework on this. That money is coming from the out of court settlement with the tobacco companies from Maryland suing them. That was part of the settlement, that he had to spend so much money on anti-smoking campaigns."

"I just heard that the Washington County Hospital is not increasing the amount of rooms that they are going to make available at the new hospital. Washington County is growing so much and the opportunity and the chance for more people to get sick and fill those beds is there. It's ridiculous to build something new and modern if it's going to stay the same."

"I lost a gold hoop earring, possibly in City Park while walking. If anyone finds it, call Mail Call."

"Hooray for the nice lady from Clear Spring who wrote the article to the editor in Sunday's paper. Hooray, you did a wonderful job, how true, how true."

"I hope the Herald-Mail continues their investigation as why the county commissioners agreed to pay this man for not working."

"I was wondering if anyone has been to the fruit stand at the north end of Boonsboro. They have some wonderful corn, homemade jellies, cantaloupe. They are the friendliest people. It was so crowded, even though it was so hot."

"In the Daily Mail, July 25, on Page B3 where the obituaries are. There is an article about the Pledge of Allegiance and shows a picture of a memorial marker and the word indevisible is spelled wrong, I believe it is supposed to be indivisible. I am curious if anyone else noticed this."

"Tim Rowland, Bob Maginnis and Mayor and Council. How many rental units do any of you own? As a landlord, I take pride in my property and my tenants, therefore, why should I have to pay this unnecessary fees when I take care of my fees."

"Thanks to the workers who repaved Rose Hill Avenue, They really did a good job. I want to thank the person in their hot rod car who messed it all up. You don't live on this street, but you felt that it was your place to lay your mark. We waited a long time to have this done, but it only took you a day to mess it up. By the way, it really wasn't that impressive."

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