State says no traffic signal now near Leitersburg Pike developm

August 07, 2002|by SCOTT BUTKI

The Hagerstown Planning Commission and the State of Maryland government disagree about whether a traffic signal should be installed on Leitersburg Pike in front of a planned residential development near the Long Meadow Shopping Center.

The developer, a partnership headed by David Ryder and Planning Commission member David Lyles, requested the signal and pedestrian crosswalk. The partnership offered to pay the $100,000 to $120,000 cost of the traffic signal, Lyles said Friday.

Work continued Monday on the first phase of the development, which will have 132 one-story condominiums, Lyles said Monday.

Hagerstown Planning Commission Chairman Douglas Wright Jr., in a March 20 letter on behalf of the Planning Commission, asked the state to consider allowing a signal on the state road.


In a July 10 letter, Kenneth A. McDonald, chief of the engineering access permits division of the State Highway Administration, said the intersection does not warrant a traffic signal.

McDonald wrote that the state will reconsider the need for a signal after the first phase of the development is completed.

Lyles said construction of the first phase will take about three years.

Preliminary plans call for the second phase to have 90 duplexes and the third phase to have 450 condominiums, Lyles said. Construction on the second phase will start in about one year, Lyles said.

A signal and crosswalks would make it easier for residents of the development to safely walk to businesses across Leitersburg Pike, Lyles said.

Without the signal, it would be difficult to make turns onto Leitersburg Pike from the development, he said.

While Lyles is on the Planning Commission, he did not participate in the meeting discussions about the signal and his development.

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