Campaign notes for 8-5-02

August 05, 2002|by LAURA ERNDE

Washington County Commissioner candidate John C. Munson wasted no time putting up his campaign signs.

On July 27, the day the Maryland Elections Board allowed campaign signs to go up, Munson was out hammering in the 90-degree heat.

"It's pretty hard work," he said.

Munson kept his car running while he stopped along the county's major roads, asking property owners for their permission before putting up his signs.

Munson estimated he has put up about 50 so far. He had 2,000 of the red, white and blue signs printed but doesn't expect to use them all.

Munson, a Republican, said the signs will be a big part of his campaign because it's important to build name recognition.


"Some people may not really pay too much attention to politics until they go to vote and then they recognize the names," he said.

County commissioner hopefuls queried often

The 21 Washington County Commissioner candidates are being inundated by questionnaires seeking their position on everything from land preservation to education.

"I'm learning one thing. I find there are more special interest groups out there than I ever realized," said Republican Harold "Hal" Phillips.

Democratic challenger hosting fund-raiser

Democrat Mary Newby, who is trying to unseat Republican Sen. Donald F. Munson in the fall election, is holding a fund-raiser this week.

The picnic fund-raiser is scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday at the Morris Frock American Legion in Hagerstown.

Newby, a former Army nurse, is a member of the veterans club.

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