Letters to the editor 8/5

August 05, 2002

Many thanks

To the editor:

On behalf of Carolyn W. Brooks, coordinator of the HotSpot Initiative in Hagerstown, I would like to thank the following contributors for their generosity towards preparing "Summer Survival Kits" for the children of the HotSpot areas:

The Knights of Columbus - Pangborn Chapter 1365; Mary E. Grove; St. Mary's Church; McDonald's, Burger King; Dr. Palank, D.D.S.; Roy Rogers; Hagerstown Community College; Mental Health Center; Washington County Health Department Outreach; Washington County Health Department Prevention; Washington County Community Partnership and American General Insurance graciously donated monetary gifts, food, coupons, pens, pencils, clothing etc. in support of the programs that assist youths and young adults in becoming productive citizens in Hagerstown HotSpot communities.

Your donations are greatly appreciated by all concerned. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Beverly Kendle


Hecht no

To the editor:

Herald-Mail editor and publisher John League in the July 14, 2002 edition makes a strong case that it is the paper's duty to endorse candidates. In the same edition editor Bob Maginnis leaps to endorse Del. Sue Hecht for state senator and here we are still months from the general election.


In the interest of fairness I'll make a couple of comments. I've attended three public forums in the last year where the Washington County delegation to Annapolis was present to hear constituents' comments. Or to be more accurate, most of the delegation was present. But Del. Hecht was absent at all three meetings. Strike one.

In the column, Del. Hecht alleges that her opponent, Sen. Alex Mooney, obstructed progress in Frederick County when he took a position against a lodging tax bill that she says everyone could live with. The fact is that Sen. Mooney took a position that his constituents in the lodging industry could live with and not a bill that the Frederick County Commissioners were trying to unjustifiably ram through. It was an unfair bill and Sen. Mooney acted correctly in his constituents' best interests while Del. Hecht supported still another tax increase. Strike two.

Then Del. Hecht who now serves on the House Appropriations Committee takes a giant leap by suggesting that she could show up on the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. What a stretch. Strike three. You are out.

Donald Day


Funding needed

To the editor:

Helping all students succeed requires a real federal investment. The need for federal education funding is greater now than ever before, given new federal mandates.

States are experiencing budget crises and are cutting education funding. Yet the president's proposed FY03 budget actually cuts funding for ESEA programs.

Programs including Title I, Teacher Quality, and Rural Education all need additional resources above what the president has requested.

Make the funding of public education a national priority, by funding Title I at $16 billion (as authorized in the new ESEA law), increasing funding for teacher quality programs by $1 billion, and funding rural education at $300 million.

Heather D. Bobo

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Museum, Director Woods are gems

To the editor:

Hagerstown has a gem in its midst. That gem is the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. My daughters of the American Revolution chapter visited the museum, and all of us were amazed at the variety and caliber of art there.

Of course, we all realized that a museum is only as good as the director because it is through the director's vision and enthusiasm that a museum flourishes. Jean Woods is such a director. As she gave us a guided tour, we all came away knowing that this museum is in capable hands. We hope that the museum board and community of Hagerstown appreciates what a treasure it has in the museum and support her efforts to keep it viable.

Ella S. Pozell

Washington, D.C.

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