Restaurant inspections

August 04, 2002

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in June 2002 and found to have critical violations that needed to be corrected immediately:

Food Lion. 246 Eastern Boulevard, Hagerstown. *Honey barbecue tenders not hot enough (corrected); food must be off the floor of walk-in freezer (corrected); bottle of oil labeled as sanitizer in meat cutting room (corrected); lightbulbs missing in back room; outside trash receptacle lid missing.

McDonald's Restaurant. 330 E. Washington St., Hagerstown. *Uncovered food in storage (discarded); must defrost and clean freezers, sweep and clean floors, seal gap between freezer and wall/floor junction, clean basement and provide lightbulb shields in kitchen.

Hooligan's Inc. 11353 Robinwood Drive, Hagerstown. *Raw hamburger dripped onto relish and tartar sauce containers (discarded); must clean to rear of establishment, repair tears in screen, clean exhaust hood filters, clean potato cutter, reinstall lightbulb panel in front of hood, sweep and clean floor, repair faucet in ladies room, reinstall ceiling tile over drain board of dish machine and repair dish machine. Reinspection scheduled in 30 days.


McDonald's Restaurant. 520 Northern Ave., Hagerstown. *Half-and-Half not cold enough (discarded); apple pies stored uncovered (corrected); no soap/towels at hand sinks (corrected); ice scoop improperly stored (corrected); must replace cove base in three storage rooms, caulk and seal hole in wall, provide thermometer in freezer (corrected), clean freezer floor (corrected), repair roof leak and repair double doors.

Border's Books Music Cafe. 17636 Garland Groh Boulevard, Hagerstown. *Spout to milk bag dispenser cut improperly; wipe cloths improperly stored; no paper towels at hand sink.

McDonald's Restaurant. 12820 Clear Spring Road, Clear Spring. *Must dispose of open cartons under dripping condensation (corrected); ice scoop improperly stored (corrected); no items stored on floor (corrected); must repair condensation problem in freezer, protect all products from condensation and repair door seal; personnel not allowed to drink in preparation area; splash guard needed at hand sink under clock; must repair pump; wipe cloths improperly stored.

Save-A-Lot. 214 W. Main St., Hancock. *Must move meat to a working meat case (corrected), protect product from condensation in walk-in refrigerator, repair broken thermometer and repair walls, floor and ceiling.

Wal-Mart Super Center. 17850 Garland Groh Boulevard, Hagerstown. *Must dispose of fish fillet in walk-in refrigerator with dripping condensation (corrected) and *protect all product from condensation (corrected); must not store items on the floor; thermometers needed in all units; must correct fly problem; improper storage of wipe cloths; must replace light in hood system.

China Buffet. 1041 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown. *Food not hot enough (corrected); must discard food on floor of walk-in freezer and clean floor of walk-in freezer; hand sink obstructed (corrected); no paper towels at hand sink (corrected); all food in refrigerator must be 4 inches off floor; must place thermometers in all units; cracked ice scoop must be discarded (corrected).

Byer's Busy Corner. 1 E. Potomac St., Williamsport. Must store potatoes and sugar bags off the floor, *dispose of chipped beef, clean the hood, store wipe rags in sanitizer and clean nozzles.

Golden Crown Chinese Restaurant. 40 N. Potomac St., Hagerstown. *Beef and chicken not cold enough (corrected); *food not covered in freezer; must replace and clean hood filters, place thermometers in all refrigerators/freezers, replace broken floor tiles; flies entering open door (corrected); must clean floors, especially under grill.

Sharpsburg Pike Shell. 10524 Sharpsburg Pike, Hagerstown. *Sausage and pepperoni at improper temperatures (discarded); food must be at least 4 inches off floor of walk-in refrigerator/freezers; must place thermometers in all refrigerator/freezer units, clean condensation from freezer and change lightbulb under hood.

Food Lion. 11718 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown. *Chicken tenders not hot enough (corrected); *several severely dented cans (discarded); can opener needs to be cleaned (corrected); lightbulb shields needed under hood.

Southside Bowl. 17325 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown. *Freezers must be kept at 0 or below; no paper towels at hand sink; must change lightbulb in freezer.

Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon. 116 Railway Lane, Hagerstown. *Freezers must be kept at 0 or below (corrected); must clean floors behind grills and in freezer and clean vents; lightbulb needed in freezer (corrected).

Food Lion. 761 E. Wilson Boulevard, Hagerstown. *Fried chicken not hot enough (corrected); *severely dented can on shelf (discarded); thermometers must be clearly displayed in all refrigerator/freezer units; must clean floors in back storage and floor of freezer; can opener needs to be cleaned (corrected).

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