Wrestling entertains Ag Expo audience

August 03, 2002|by KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

Dressed in black leather biker pants, a Harley-Davidson vest and tank top, "Sensuous Amy Lee" came to the Washington County Ag Fair ready to rumble Friday night.

The professional wrestler took to the ring against Frederick, Md.'s "Fantasia" for the National Wrestling League Championship.

With a crowd of about 70 people in the grandstand watching, the wrestlers were driven to the ring in all-terrain vehicles.

As soon as Amy Lee reached the ring, she grabbed a microphone and began baiting the crowd and her opponent. When the microphone failed, she jumped on to the ropes and screamed insults at the audience, questioning their blood lines, dental work and sobriety.


Title holder Fantasia, who wore overalls and her long blonde hair in braids, let her moves do the talking. She began the match aggressively, pushing Amy Lee to the corner of the ring and bashing her in the stomach.

Both opponents spent much of the match pulling each other's hair. With some well-placed kicks, jumps and head-buts, Fantasia pummeled Amy Lee so hard she fled from the ring and paused for several minutes, flashing her cleavage at the people sitting ringside. The crowd laughed and cheered as Fantasia landed blow after blow.

Twice, Fantasia pulled Amy Lee back into the ring for more punishment during the 20-minute match.

The match ended when Amy Lee fought dirty and tried to strangle Fantasia with her title belt. The announcer proclaimed Amy Lee disqualified and she left sulking and trading insults with the crowd as she passed by.

Five-year-old Logan Wilt said the match was fun to watch.

Wilt and his mother, Lorrie Wilt, said they were both big fans of the World Wrestling Federation and were excited to see the Ag Fair's brand of professional wrestling.

"I have a hundred wrestlers," said Logan Wilt referring to his figurine collection.

While the skill level and the showmanship of the local wrestlers didn't compare to the World Wrestling Federation it was still enjoyable to watch, she said.

"I like the ladder matches," said Logan.

The women's match was one of several matches held Friday. It was the first time wrestling has been featured at the Ag Fair, fair officials said.

Special performer "Demolition Ax," a former member of the World Wrestling Federation, was sidelined with an injury, but 13-year-old Gunnar Green of Williamsport and his grandmother, Paula Green, said they weren't disappointed.

"We're just out having a good time," said Paula Green.

Gunnar Green said he doesn't care if professional wrestling is real or not.

"I just like to watch," he said.

"It's entertaining. That's what they set out to do," said his grandmother.

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