Letters to the editor 8/2

August 02, 2002

If McClure can't stand the heat...

To the editor:

On July 30 I was reading an article in the paper titled "Some candidates pass on the Suns' pitch." Many of the candidates feel that it isn't fair to charge them to speak at public forums. They also feel that by attending this event it will give the illusion they support a new stadium. To these comments I say "nonsense!"

First of all, elected officials never have a hard time spending taxpayers' money on things they feel are necessary. So why not spend a little of your own money getting your message out to the people you want to represent? Money gets spent on fliers which people throw away and on TV ads which most people turn off. So I ask why not spend a little money so people can get to know the real you? Or is that the problem: That people will get to know the real you?


Second, some have the crazy notion that participating in this forum would give the impression they support a new stadium. Give me a break! I'm sure people want to know your stance on a new stadium, but they also want to hear your views on other topics such as education, crime, taxes and economic development. It's not all about the stadium.

I am going to close with a quote from Wally McClure: "I'm just not comfortable going on that side of the fence and enduring what I believe will be a lot of criticism." Wally, if you can't handle the criticism, maybe you shouldn't run for public office!

Steve Kendall

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

No giveaways for hospital

To the editor:

In response to the newly birthed issue of the Washington County Hospital, I say what will it be next for Hagerstown? First it was the University System and now the hospital. Hence the name Washington County Hospital not Hagerstown Hospital.

Making such offers as the free water and sewer hookup will do nothing but put city residents into the same sad situation as those of us currently under the county's sewer debt, which was $55 million. Make your city residents aware that when you give it away free on one corner someone will have to pay on the next, which will be them.

I for one feel eminent domain has no place in an issue where other suitable alternatives exist. You act as if there is nothing inappropriate in taking one's property for your benefit but you're wrong. I must say, though, as a city you're acting as if the road had been cleared to do so which leads to this question: Have you arranged with the proper judicial authority to sign off?

As for the hospital it is a non-profit with more for-profit arms than your city has people and if need be they can and will afford the expense. In closing I did and still do think the downtown was a very, very poor choice for the University System.

I also feel if the Washington County Health System wanted a new hospital they should have built it, rather than the multi-complex at Robinwood. Whoops, I forgot, that's a for-profit part. Anyone for a game of Monopoly?

Randy A. Breeden


Thanks, AC&T

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the AC&T located on Sharpsburg Pike in Hagerstown. On July 12, the foster families of Washington County held their annual picnic. The AC&T generously donated the chicken for this event.

Thanks also go out to the workers who prepared the chicken. It is because of people such as yourselves, that the children in care were able to enjoy a great time and plenty of good food.

We as foster families will be sure to bring our future business to these people and I ask that you, the citizens, do the same. It is because of the generous outpouring of different establishments such as this that we in Washington County enjoy good times together for the good of the children in our care, who after all are our future.

Nancy Reamy


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