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Mail Call for 8/1

August 02, 2002

"I wanted to thank the person who put the recipe for zucchini crabcakes in the paper. It is absolutely delicious. As you said, if you close your eyes, you don't even know you are using zucchini. Does anyone have any more recipes for using squash? That is simple, easy and delicious. I am always looking for new recipes. By the way, Mail Call you are the best."

"There was a question in about what is a funnel cake? Ughhh, if you have never had a funnel cake, you don't know what you are missing. They take a large pan of oil, heat it to medium high temperature. The cake batter is made from sugar, flour, vanilla, different flavoring. They pour it into the hot oil with a funnel, as they do this, they circle the funnel around to make any shape they want. Fry it for several minutes on both sides. They dip it out with a slotted spoon, then it is covered is powdered sugar. They are best when eaten hot. You don't know what you are missing."


"You know, since the beginning of time, people always put themselves first and they think of themselves first. All this controversy about where to put the hospital because so and so may not be able to get it. If you put it here, someone can't get to it, if you put it there, someone can't get to it. You know, it doesn't matter where you put the hospital, it's going to be inconvenient for someone. It's like they say, 'you can please the people some of the time, but there are some of the people that you will never please any of the time.' I say put the hospital where it belongs and that is Robinwood Drive. You don't hear anyone complaining about the location of that campus that is already there, do you?"

"To the person who said they didn't want to hear about the toe- nail fungus. Well, apparently someone wanted to hear about it because guess what, someone called in and said they lost the information on how to prevent it and cure it. So it was put back in the paper again."

"I want to know why at City Park you can't have more handicapped parking spots. On Highland Way, there are only about two or three handicapped spots. We were at the concert on Saturday night, but people with disabilities had no place to park. I think there should be more handicapped spots around the entire park."

"Just wanted to mention that Potomac Towers is not a dump to live in. There are some very nice people who live here. The past few years, everything has changed here. We could use some air conditioning in the hallways and elevators."

"I am a frequent user of the Smithsburg Library and I just had a thought. If every man, woman and child that has used the Smithsburg Library in the last year would donate $5 to the building fund, think about how much this would raise. Consider this against the cost of buying one book. Just a thought, if everyone would do it, we would get our library built sooner. Please support the Smithsburg Library."

"I live in the North End of Hagerstown and we are experiencing a lot of problems with people riding mopeds and mini bikes in an area close to our home. I know there was someone in the South End having the same problem. Could someone call Mail Call and tell me how you took care of the problem? We called the city police and they did nothing about it yet. What are the laws on this?"

"I was wondering why when you call a doctor, you are always put on hold all the time. I know that is not the way it should be. I was at a doctor's office this week paying a bill, a call came through, she said, 'will you hold please?' She continued running a copy machine for well over a minute and a half. Does this happen with all the doctors?"

"Several callers to Mail Call have voiced their support of putting the new hospital on the Venice Inn or the Fennel Building site. Why not both? Those two sites would provide ample space for a new hospital and a parking garage and then nobody's home would have to be demolished. Besides locating the hospital on the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Dual Highway would make great accessibility sense."

"I prayed for the rescue of the nine coal miners and millions of others also prayed. Our prayers were answered. I wonder what the atheists did?"

- Hagerstown

"For the people who live in the first block of North Mulberry Street and the second and third blocks of East Washington Street. We are finally getting this crime watch program started in our area. I hope all of you will become involved, if you don't become involved, at least come to the meeting and see what is going on. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the corner of North Mulberry Street and Washington in the church. We will be looking forward to seeing you. Let's make this neighborhood the way it used to be."

"I think the hospital should be down by the Fennel Building and where the Venice is now. There would be far less private destruction if it were put there. Then U.S. 40 wouldn't be tied up if we had some type of major accident on I-70 or I-81. And it wouldn't take all these peoples' homes."

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