Mail Call for 8/1

August 01, 2002

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some` of the calls we have received lately:

"McClure this, McClure that. You might as well hang a sign around his neck that says NO. I hate taxes also, but I won't vote for someone who I think is myopic, no matter how many good intentions he has. The county doesn't have parking spaces and the volunteer groups already pick up trash."

"In response to the person who thinks that the crime watch program in the first block of North Mulberry Street and East Washington Street is stupid. We do not expect to ride around in cars. I am concerned about our street and the second block of East Washington Street. The police can't go to every street in Hagerstown at the same time. It is not Chief Smith's job to be patrolling the streets. I believe you have a grudge against the police and Chief Smith. It's people like you who have the negative attitude and won't become involved in a bad neighborhood. If you spent as much time being positive in your thinking as you do in your negative thoughts. We could all work together to clean the neighborhoods up. All you have to do is observe what happens, write down the dates and times and if a car is involved the license number. Then call 301-739-3700. You can do this from your front or back porch. So why is it so stupid when trying to get the drug dealers out of our neighborhood?"


"In response to the calls about two dark-eyed people having a blue-eyed child. I also saw that show, it was on 'Dateline, NBC.' It was about a mother and father who both had dark eyes and their child had blue eyes. When the child was about 4 years old, they found out that it was not his child and the doctor said that two dark-eyed people could not have a blue-eyed child. Which I did not know at that time. Now I see in the paper that they can, I don't know who was right. But the doctor said you can't."

"Concerning the hospital and your questions as to why they need a new one. Apparently you have never had a loved one go to the hospital and not be able to be in a bed when needed. My mother suffers from congestive heart failure and has had to spend the night in the emergency on a gurney because there were no beds. There was a flu epidemic. We need a bigger hospital because we are growing. There are tons of housing developments being built and there are a lot of people moving into our area. So, yes, we need a new and bigger hospital."

"I agree with other callers on why even move the hospital. I believe I know the answer, money. The hospital is a for-profit hospital. It is not a nonprofit hospital. I believe this is also the reason there is no trauma center. Recently in The Daily Mail, the hospital was shown given thousands and thousands of dollars to a worthy charity. I think they should give something to the people that pay them. Mainly the residents of Washington County."

- Hagerstown

"I really enjoy the landmark contest that you have every year. This year I was a little disappointed because the ones that had winning entries didn't get recognized, even by having their names put in the paper. I think they worked just as hard as the winners did and they deserve some recognition."

"I was wondering if anyone taped the 'Today' show with Bruce Springsteen on it? If so, call me at 301-733-0123."

"To the person who wanted information on Tri-State Christian Academy in Boonsboro: The number is 301-791-2702."

"I read in the paper where 20 some people are running for county commissioner. Let's keep the ones that we have now. At least they got their feet wet and they did a good job. So far. I am a taxpayer and a senior citizen."

"I was reading where someone called in about a crime watch or trying to form a crime watch in the North Mulberry Street and said it was a stupid idea and that the police should do that on their own. But what you don't understand is that it's your mentality that is stupid because people need to be involved with crime watch activities in order to make a better community. I think everyone should get involved and help the police on a daily basis to make a safer and better community for everyone."

"For the resident of Cleveland- town Road, the little town south of Boonsboro. I want to thank her for the comment she made which was very true. I also live on Cleveland- town Road and thanks to the road men for doing their job and now it is up to the residents to do theirs. It seems like it's been a few days now since the road men went through, but the residents haven't done anything and they go out to their mailboxes every day, you would think they would do something."


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