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Mail Call for 7/31

July 31, 2002

"To the person who called in with the expert advice and told it to the precise point that two blue- eyed people could not have a brown-eyed child. I hate to tell you I have blue eyes, my husband had blue eyes, my son has brown. And yes, he is his father. How do we know? Because he didn't want to pay child support and we had to have a DNA done."

"To the person who said that there was scientific facts that God did not exist. There is also, two sides to every coin, two sides to every story and yes there may be scientific facts that God does not exist. But there is scientific facts that God does exist."

"To the person who found the cell phone behind Mel's Tavern on Salem Avenue. I am sure that it's mine and I don't care to describe it, you can throw it in the trash because I had the service turned off. Oh, don't be holding your little hand out for a small reward because you know what? You are supposed to do things out of the kindness of your heart, not for the sheer satisfaction of filling your pocket."


"If you are going to make it illegal for someone who is deaf to drive a car, then you have to make it illegal for people to play their stereos so loud that they can't hear either. I seriously doubt if deaf people statistically cause any more accidents than people who have their hearing. You should be thankful to God that you have your hearing. When you get real statistics on deaf drivers, then call back."

"To the person who wanted to know what to do with the old phone books. Burn them, that is all you have to do."

"I know the perfect place to build the new hospital. Where the ice skating rink is, Brook Meadows, Pangborn Park and the Little League baseball field. All in that area, Security Road. That would be the perfect spot. Also the Fairgrounds, too."

"To the people who want the hospital at Robinwood, be considerate of the people who live around there. We didn't even want Robinwood out there and now you want to put more out there."

"The person that said there is scientific evidence that God does not exist. I pity you, you have nothing to look forward to in the future, if you would die. Do you look out in the spring and see the robin and the flowers coming up, do you see the sunsets, do you see the rainbows? I would not want to live if I knew there was nothing left but death. There is, because if you believe in Christ, you will rise again."

"In reply to the person who said about the Fairgrounds Park would be a good site for the hospital. Do you not realize how much money the taxpayers have put into that and how beautiful it is? You can't have everything brick and concrete. You have to have some open spaces for the people of this area."

"I agree with the guy that says his comment would spark a debate. You go man, you sure are brave. These Mail Callers readers are tough."

"I have four cell phones with the chargers. I would like to donate them to a woman's shelter or some other needy cause. If anyone has any information or phone numbers, call Mail Call."

"It's amazing when people believe that something doesn't exist, they will go out of their way to prove it. I don't believe in UFO's, so who am I to tell everyone else that they don't exist? To the one with all the scientific facts that God does not exist. Let's hear it. Bring it on, brother!"

"To the person who said God doesn't exist. Who do you think put you here? He gave you life and he can take it away from you. Remember, God does work in mysterious ways, you better get down on your knees and pray because I really think you need to."

"To the people calling in about toenail fungus. Give it a rest, we are not interested in reading about this in the paper, it's sort of disgusting to think about. If you want to do this, exchange phone numbers or something, if not, give it a rest."

"My wife has hazel eyes, I have blue eyes, one of my sons have one hazel eye and one blue eye. My daughters, three of them, all have green eyes."

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