letters to the editor for 7/26

July 26, 2002

Charleston needs some new leaders

To the editor:

As a taxpayer, I am greatly disappointed in Governor Wise and the West Virginia legislative leaders who wasted more than $100,000 on a special session that was dominated by a proposal to raise the legal weight limit on coal trucks. They then adjourned after four days without passing the bill. Why?

The legislative leadership in Charleston has clearly lost its way. They can't get anything done. That is why we need fresh new leaders elected to the Legislature who will push for the issues that matter most - road building, lower tax rates, more jobs. Not raising the weight limit on coal trucks, for heaven's sake.

I urge the voters of Jefferson County to elect a man who brings with him leadership experience as a Naval officer and an emergency room physician. Dave Ebbitt is ready to address the important challenges of our area and demand that legislative leaders put the needs of the people first ahead of the special interest lobbyists.


It's time for change.

Willard Wynne

Gerrardstown, W.Va.

Blues station needed

To the editor:

I am a fan of blues music and enjoyed the BluesFest again this year.

My question - why doesn't a local radio station offer a blues program so we can enjoy the music throughout the year? A couple times through the week and on the weekends would be really nice.

With the obvious popularity of blues, the program should be a hit.

Kenny Edwards

Greencastle, Pa.

Future headlines?

To the editor:

Judging from the way things are going now, I wonder if we may be reading headlines like these in our newspapers by July 2004.

"Suspicious-looking man caught coming out of Democrat headquarters will have secret military trial."

"President Bush orders preemptive strike on Pitcairn Island; cites deadly throwable rocks on Bounty Bay."

If we let others think for us, might it not possibly happen?

Eugene Lincoln


Troubled times

To the editor:

I read in the paper that there is a water shortage, and people of Washington County need to conserve. So why use 250,000 gallons to irrigate a golf course? Let whoever uses the golf course pay the water bills, not the ones who don't.

There are nice office building at the landfill and gazebo - better than what I live in. Only the best with our tax money. We pay twice - tax and $90 a year for a landfill sticker.

June was Washington County homeowners' appreciation month. Tell that to the people who lost their homes at Four Locks and then park rangers moved into them.

For the ones who are going to be losing their homes along Interstate 81, accept what you can get. You won't win if you appeal, it will just give you a little more time to live there. Move out of Washington County, 'cause there is a lot more coming to hit us all real good - $800,000 was given to a man in my area to stop him from developing more mobile home sites.

Land all around us is being bought up by state and federal government. Take a country ride. We're in the middle, that's where they want us. Praise your Washington County leaders this Sunday at church. They are the creators of all things, they giveth and taketh. All this money spent and the kids at school don't have a box of crayons. The pay increase should have been given to the teachers. They do more and what they do is more important.

They don't sit around and think about how the trees downtown are staining the sidewalks and how to waste our tax money, including $790,000 for a fuel station. That would of been nice for the schools but that's not important. Our leaders have a better use for it.

John Baker

Clear Spring

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