Police: Man struggles with deputies

July 25, 2002|by KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

A man taken to Washington County District Court on charges stemming from a domestic dispute struggled with police trying to handcuff him, bashing holes in the walls outside the court commissioners office and elbowing an officer in the jaw Wednesday morning, police said.

Timothy Lee Warfield, 27, of Leander, Texas, was originally brought to the commissioners office on charges of third- and fourth-degree burglary, second-degree assault and false imprisonment.

Following the struggle with police, additional charges of three counts of second-degree assault, resisting arrest, and one count each of malicious destruction of property more than $500 and resisting arrest were lodged against Warfield, said Washington County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Mark Knight.


His bond for all charges was set at $75,000, Knight said.

A neighbor said she saw a man hit a woman and drag her into a home on Bentley Court and then called police,

Deputies Chris Miller and Brian Burke arrested Warfield at the scene at 4:35 a.m. Warfield struggled briefly but calmed down after deputies threatened to pepper spray him, Knight said.

Miller and Burke later drove Warfield to District Court, submitted the statement of charges and were ready to leave when Warfield, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and 290 pounds, became agitated, he said.

The deputies told Warfield they were going to handcuff him with his arms behind his back so they could take him back to the sheriff's department, Knight said.

As Miller and Burke approached him, Warfield put his arms behind his back and backed up to a wall.

The deputies advised him to comply, but Warfield began to struggle with Miller and Burke, who both are around about 5 feet 10 inches tall and 180 to 225 pounds, Knight said.

"He screamed and became aggressive. He pushed Burke against the wall and struck Miller in the jaw with his elbow," Knight said.

As this was happening, court commissioner Krista Shifler watched through a glass window and called Hagerstown City Police for help, Knight said.

During a five- to 10-minute struggle, one of the deputies pepper sprayed Warfield in the face but it didn't have the desired effect, Knight said.

"It upset him more," he said.

City police officer Benjamin Lyncha arrived to help and the three officers were eventually able to take Warfield to a rear transportation area where prisoners are loaded into vehicles.

At that time, Warfield resumed his struggle and several other Hagerstown City Police officers were needed to help subdue him, Knight said.

Officers placed Warfield in special restraints and he was taken to the Washington County Detention Center, Knight said.

Knight estimated damage to the courthouse to be about $1,000. Several large holes were made in the drywall and an orange film was left from the pepper spray, he said.

Workers were at the courthouse assessing the damage Wednesday.

Warfield is to have a bond review this afternoon.

The deputies and Warfield received minor injuries, but none were taken to the hospital, Knight said.

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