Mail Call for 7/22

July 23, 2002

"Commissioner Bert Iseminger didn't have to publicly announce that he was a Democrat. Everyone in Washington County already knew he was a Democrat. He voted for everything that would need to be paid for with a tax increase. A typical tax and spend Liberal."

- Hagerstown

"We hope the hospital is built outside the city limits then we won't have to feed the parking meters to go visit someone in the hospital."

"Have you read about the man that raped and killed a 5-year-old girl and a 9-year-old? Do you think if his IQ is one degree below 70 he should not be executed, absolutely not. Someone with a horrible crime like that should be executed immediately. The judges that are putting forth this protection for criminals of this type, may also be doing this to protect them. I believe that some of those judges' IQ's aren't too high. Think about it."


"In response to July 17 Mail Call where someone was talking about irresponsible drivers and that their ages are usually young. Well, let me tell you, there are irresponsible drivers of all ages, not just the young ones. The person who said they have been driving for 60 years, well you had to have started driving when you were a teenager, I am guessing that when you did start driving you were reckless, too. I am tired of all the blame going on the teenagers, not all teenagers are like that. There are a lot of adults like this, too."

"Yeah Wally! You have my vote. The stadium should not be built with my tax money, it should go to referendum. There are too many people against using tax money to build a stadium. Also, there was an excellent letter in Tuesday's paper by Robert Ebersole about the Comprehensive Plan. Individual land owners should have a right to use or sell their land as they desire and should not be dictated by the county or state. A developer can come in with lots of borrowed money and get the zoning changed in a flash. Vote against the Comprehensive Plan."

"I live in the Hagerstown area and heard on the news about the little girl that was kidnapped and killed in California. Just makes you think about what is going on in this world. I also went on the Internet and pulled up sex offenders and you wouldn't believe how many of them are in Hagerstown or living in our area. Please look on the Internet, you may be surprised, one may be living right beside you. Watch out for our children."

"To the person that said the hospital should be outside the city limits and said it would be easier access to most of the people. What about the people at the Potomac Towers, Elizabeth Court, Alexander House, Walnut Towers? That would be easier for them to go to Robinwood or Hagerstown Community College. Come on, get a life."

"About bagging the groceries, everyone is totally overlooking the point. It has nothing to do with the buyer being lazy. It has to do with poor workmanship. If you are getting paid to do a job, you should be doing it the best you can, even if it is just bagging groceries. Some people have no pride in themselves or the things they do."

"I want to know if someone can tell me what to put down on my lawn to keep the skunks out. I can't even sit on my porch in the evening because they are everywhere."

"I am getting so much junk mail, I haven't gotten any for awhile. I used to put them back in the mail and put on it, please return and stick it in the mailbox. I feel sorry for the mail carrier. I don't open up, I just put 'please return' on it."

"To all complaining baggers and cashiers: You are being paid to do a job, so do it. It's too bad that you don't have enough pride in yourself to do a good job. Our society has too many people who do not want to be responsible enough to perform jobs properly. The big problem with businesses are with employees who want paid for doing nothing. If stores would reduce prices, I am sure that many people would be willing to bag their own, then you would not be needed. So deal with it."

"I want to thank the nice lady on Funkhouser Road who gave me directions to the graveyard on Mummers Road. I walked there many years ago with my mother, when I was just a little girl to visit my grandmother's grave. It is so beautiful, but it needs some care. These are historical ancestors and I hope other churches and other descendants will help take care of it. Clean it, plant grass and care for it. I can't because I am unable. It is a very lovely place."

"Be on guard, if you get a hate letter in a disguised envelope, put it in a file, in a safe place where authorities will be able to get it. If anything happens to you or your place, they will be suspect number one. Especially when they sign their name."

- Boonsboro

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