Letters to the editor 7/23

July 23, 2002

Anti-violence program supported

To the editor:

I'd like to thank reporter Marlo Barnhart for her outstanding June 27 coverage of the Alternatives to Violence Awards ceremony recognizing more than a decade of AVP at the Maryland Correctional Institution. And while her article focused on our peer facilitators, and Carl French and Christi Bowers, our guest speakers from the Washington County Community Mediation Center, we know this was only because our community volunteers directed that result.

Well, one hand must always wash the other and we'd be remiss if we didn't highlight the fact that our AVP program exists only through the bedrock support of those same modest community volunteers who put the spotlight on everyone else. We want the community to know our gratitude for these wonderful volunteers who devote their time, energy and emotions into guiding and training our AVP programs.

For volunteering their Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and taking off work on Fridays to lead three-day weekend workshops, we commend and express our heartfelt thanks to Lora Byler, William Carrigan, Emma Lou Comstock, Dolores Harmon, Dawn Hoffman, husband and wife teams Don and Sandy Hoffman, David and Nancy Hutchins, Margaret Rhoades and Dennis Shaw.


They make it possible for us to benefit from AVP, which has reduced peer on peer and peer on staff assaults within this prison, thus benefiting both prisoners and local residents employed here.

Your community volunteers are wonderful role models for us and we thank them.

Douglas Scott Arey

MCIH No. 130196 A-1-A-20


You won't see me at the stadium

To the editor:

I would like to share publicly my reply to Brent E. Kahuda of the Hagerstown Suns as to why I will not be attending their proposed "Meet the Candidates Night" at Hagerstown Municipal Stadium on Aug. 27, which was addressed Dear Mr. Kahuda:

Thank you very much for the invitation for the "Meet the Candidates Night" at Municipal Stadium. I'm sure it will be a very auspicious event but I must regretfully decline to attend.

I just don't feel comfortable attending an event which will be mainly attended by those with whom I have a running disagreement over the building of a new stadium. I must unequivocally state that I do not support a new stadium because there clearly is not a majority mandate or desire for such use of tax dollars. Knowing that tax dollars are always in very high demand and very short supply, I simply cannot and will not support this quest for a new stadium.

In my opinion, Municipal Stadium (historic as you label it) is a very fine facility for people to come to as a family, attend games at an affordable rate, enjoy a lovely summer evening of fresh air, cool breezes, hot dogs, beer, etc., while the players battle it out on the field, night after night, 28 or 29 days per month in their "practice games" so that they can develop their skills to a level to be able to get a chance at the major leagues.

Municipal Stadium as it currently exists meets all of those needs, especially for the 200 or 300 actually in attendance at the stadium night after night. My constituents and I are not now convinced, nor ever will be convinced, that building a new facility will change those statistics. Therefore, there is just not enough demand for a new facility

However, on the other hand, I do believe the Suns are an asset to the community, assist in the local economy, and do provide "good time family fun." I hope they will continue to have a long-standing tradition here in Hagerstown.

Best of wishes for your continued season and give my regards to your colleagues.

J. Wallace "Wally" McClure

Republican candidate

County Commissioner

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