First-time partners win Beaver Creek Invitational

July 22, 2002|by MARK KELLER

Ross Ellberg and Charlie Narciso have played in plenty of two-man golf tournaments, but they'd never played one together.

So much for having to build team chemistry.

The first-time partners shot a 3-under 69 Sunday to finish at 7-under 137 for the weekend and win the Beaver Creek Invitational championship at Beaver Creek Country Club.

Ellberg and Narciso started the day in a four-team tie for second in the gross division, two strokes behind Tim Doreen and Bill Calhoun.

Their round featured five birdies and two bogeys, which they didn't think would be enough for the win.

"I really thought we'd have to go lower," Narciso said. "Without a scoreboard out there, we really didn't know where we stood. We figured we'd have to birdie (Nos.) 17 and 18 easy."


They ended up with a bogey at 17, but picked up the stroke they dropped with a birdie at 18. They waited in the clubhouse while the Randy Cree-Gary Dingle and Randy Barnes-Brian Crabtree teams were finishing their rounds.

That's when word came that they had won.

"We really jelled as a team," Narciso said. "The first time out you don't really know the other person that well, their strengths, what you need to do to help them."

"We ham-and-egged it pretty well out there today," Ellberg said. "Any time I needed to make a shot I did. Any time Charlie needed one, he got it."

Cree-Dingle and Barnes-Crabtree finished one stroke back in the gross division at 138. Dick Roulette and Harry Kendig were at 139, while the Marty Miller-Bill Young and Bill Kushay-Chuck Ingram teams finished at 140.

Mike Bookheimer and Jim Sklencar won the net division with a 125, one stroke better than Doreen and Calhoun.

As for Ellberg and Narciso, there are no plans to play together again in the near future - but there is next year.

"Well, we've gotta defend," Narciso said.

"Yeah, we have to defend ... as long as his partner doesn't get upset," Ellberg said.

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