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Mail Call for 7/18

July 19, 2002

"First, I would like to congratulate the staff at The Herald-Mail, particularly the people who run Mail Call. I would like to commend you on being so diverse and so unbiased with the opinions that you print in the paper. I know that many of the opinions are screened out, but by looking at the paper you can see that there are many different opinions in there. Which I think is a wonderful thing, After all, variety is the spice of life. Now, to my opinion, I would like to know what is the big deal about the word God? The word has been forever and will be forever. It was an atheist that took the prayer out of schools. Now it is an atheist that is trying to take God out of the pledge. One of these days, he is going to find himself all dressed up and nowhere to go. That is what happens to atheists, they have no where to go after this is all over."


"Does anyone know when the Leitersburg Peach Festival is going to be and their wonderful peach pies? If anyone knows, leave the dates and times in Mail Call."

"You see there are some good candidates running for county commissioner. I know of one of them because he called to thank me for saying something good about him. So I know for sure that he will be a great commissioner, the best one running. He cares enough about the people in the community to call them and thank them. So if you want someone to clean up Hagerstown and make it a better and safer place to live, vote for Wally McClure. He's the best! You know who I am, Wally."

"During Smithsburg Pride Days, park free in the new parking lot of St. Paul's UMC, on South Main Street. Stop in the church and see our beautiful new stained glass windows and enjoy a free glass of ice tea or lemonade. Baked goods are available for purchase, open Saturday only from noon to 5 p.m."

"I wish all the people who think that there are too many handicapped spaces at Wal-Mart would call back and let me know where they are. I am handicapped and every time I am there, I can never find one."

"How nice of the Board of Education to come up with this magnet school for a select group of kids. Why don't they take that money and put it toward the Quest Program, where funding was cut last year? Quest doesn't have enough teachers to make a legitimate program. It's ridiculous that they are going to take all this time and money and put it into something that not everyone is going to benefit from. In a lot of small communities, especially Sharpsburg, our children are being squeezed into smaller classrooms with more children per class. It just seems to me that this money should be balanced out more fairly. Maybe Washington County doesn't have the money for a magnet program now."

"In response to the person saying about they didn't want to bag their own groceries. That is laziness. If you can't bag your own food, then there is something wrong with you. Stop being lazy and bag your own and stop complaining."

"To those people who love to spread the rumor that the paper plant had an odor. It is just that, a rumor, intended to hurt new housing construction in the area. The plant never had an odor. The city sewer plant is responsible for the odor."

"Those of us who really do obey the speed limit, should put a big sign and put it on the back of our car and have it say, 'Official Pace Car.' That way it might stop some of those cars speeding by."

"I have been reading the profiles of the candidates for county commissioner of Washington County. I know of two candidates that are in favor of a referendum vote on a new stadium. Wally McClure and Bill Wivell. So far, I have not seen how any of the other candidates feel about this very important issue. So I am asking this question: Do you favor or are you opposed to a referendum vote on a new stadium, if so, why? I will be looking for your answers."

"I want to thank the Antietam Advertiser. I have not gotten it for a long time. Monday was the first time I got it out here on Downsville Pike. Thanks again."

"To the one that more or less thinks that when a person reaches the age of 60 years old, they shouldn't drive anymore. My husband and I are both over 60 and never had an accident, thank God. Can you say the same thing about yourself, even if you aren't 60 years old?"

"I can't believe that this mayor and council of Hagerstown would tear down 50 or 60 houses to build a new hospital and parking deck when all this land is available on the outskirts of Hagerstown. I think this is ridiculous."

"I just read an article in the letters to the editor about the area that has a drive-in theatre by Lauren P. I am interested in knowing where Newville, Pa., is and how to get to this drive-in theatre. I would like to go."

"If you know the whereabouts of high school classmates, Robert H. Barney or Jeanne Clark Quinn, please call 301-991-4793."

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