Mail call from 7/16

July 17, 2002

"To the person who said they are retired and when they get bored to go out on the highway and drive the speed limit. I thought that was an absolute hoot. I chuckled to myself because I visioned you driving down Robinwood Drive, going the speed limit. I have also done that. When I go down Robinwood Drive, I always do the speed limit, you get 15 cars behind you, people sitting on top of the steering wheel, banging it, people pulling their hair, people looking like they are going to kill you because you are doing the speed limit. Many times I have looked at the sign and think that I am actually going two miles over the speed limit. I look back and think, what is your problem? Why is everyone in such a hurry to get nowhere? Why do they raise their eyebrows and curse like crazy at someone who abides the law? Anyway, I thought it was a real hoot when I turned and read this in Mail Call."


"Has anyone else been having a big problem with those tiny little pea ants crawling all over everything? We have sprayed ant spray and everything, but they just keep coming back. What can we do to get rid of them. They crawl all over our benches, tables and patio. What a nuisance. Help!"

"To the person who said that if you didn't like the way the groceries are bagged, then bag them yourself. I would like to respond to that. If I want fresh hamburger, should I go out back and kill my own cow? If I want fresh chicken, should I go out back and kill my own chicken? Mister, I hate to tell you, but when you go to that store, everything that you put in your cart has top price on it. What goes along with that price is the girl who tags and the boy who bags it. You have paid top dollar and that includes everything in the price. If you start bagging your own groceries, then they wouldn't need the bag boys, well that would be putting a lot of people out of jobs. So, next time you want a fresh hamburger, go kill your own cow and see how you like that."

"I am calling in regards to a column in the paper, that I think should be printed at least once a year. Charlie Reese tells you what liberty is, not what most of our young adults think it is. Even some of our senators and representatives. Our liberty has been and is still being bought and paid for with the lives of our young people. Our country was founded with most of our ancestors fleeing from religious persecution. So stop and think what religious persecutions you are receiving and what liberties you are losing."

"My wife and I are seniors in Hagerstown and while shopping at Home Depot last Thursday for several bundles of cedar and a few pieces of lumber, a gentleman in his late 20s or early 30s approached us, stood by and asked if he could help us load up our purchases. I asked him if he was an employee of the store and he said 'No, I just like to help people.' I am sorry I didn't ask him his name, but chances are, he wouldn't have told me anyhow. He mentioned that he saw us come into the store. We just wanted to thank him publicly. We appreciated his help in loading our lumber and tying it down with bungee cords. He knows who he is and may God bless him."

"We do not have a very good selection of candidates for county commissioners this fall. We must consider candidates that do not have special interest in development or school board members or the one that is married to a school teacher. Let's give the taxpayers a break. Please vote."

"Hey, did you hear that Wally McClure is running for county commissioner again? Guess what, he does not want the new stadium. Also, remember he is the one that gets extra parking spaces in different neighborhoods and he is the only one that got anything done in the community. Vote McClure for Sure."

"Whoever put in Mail Call about lost keys. I think I may have found them. Call 301-393-9154."

"This is correction to someone's geography. Bowman's Truck Stop isn't going to be in Williamsport either!"

"To the person who said that we should execute all the murderers is sick. All these people can ask God to forgive them and if they truly mean it, God will forgive. I didn't even agree with the Timothy McVeigh execution."

"I am calling about them wanting to take God out of everything. What are they going to do, go into everyone's house and take everything out that has Jesus on it, all the crosses and pictures of the Last Supper? Won't that be something because we are living in a world now where people don't know what is going on. I think it is all turning into communists."

- Hagerstown

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