Pa. group opposed to adult industry

July 14, 2002|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - The giant "Adult Books & Videos" sign looms high over Interstate 81 at exit 24.

It reveals the business below, Lions Den, which sells videos, DVDs, novelties, toys, leather lingerie and more.

A quarter-mile from Lions Den is a separate business in a separate building. Silk Stockings is both a massage parlor and what is believed to be Franklin County's only nude dance club.

Shippensburg Citizens Rally Against Pornography, or SCRAP, wouldn't mind if both businesses just went away.

SCRAP has picketed the businesses and their predecessors, off and on, since 1995, chairwoman Rose Dillner said.

That year, Dillner said, many people were curious when they thought a fitness center was opening. It turned out to be a massage parlor and topless dance club called Presidential Suite.

Dillner said local residents realized what was going on and got upset after police arrested some employees on prostitution charges.


That business closed down, and was replaced a few years ago by Silk Stockings, under new ownership. The owner of Silk Stockings declined to comment for this story, according to an employee.

All-day picketing went on for a few years after Presidential Suite opened. It was scaled back to occasional evenings, but it still goes on, Dillner said.

"We don't talk to people. We don't say 'stop.' ... We don't get in anybody's way," she said.

Instead, SCRAP tries to be a conscience.

"In the period we've been there, we've had quite a number of occasions where people with (sexual) addictions have come up and asked for help," Dillner said.

An eye-level sign not far from the interstate exit warns passersby: "What you risk by using porn - everything." The sign shows a family and offers a toll-free number to call for help.

"It's a bigger addiction," Dillner said. "It ruins families, and a lot of spinoff things."

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