Impact fee contract approved in Jefferson County

July 12, 2002|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The Jefferson County Commission agreed Thursday to pay a Bethesda, Md., firm $53,100 to help develop an impact fee system for the county.

Tischler and Associates will examine the operating costs of public agencies and population projections for the county in order to develop the system, according to Jefferson County Planning Director Paul Raco and Commissioner James G. Knode.

Impact fees are charged to housing developers to help pay for expanded public services needed because of growth, including new schools and expanded water and sewer service.


There has been a push among some groups and individuals in the county to implement impact fees because of expected population increases in the county in coming years.

In counties where impact fees are charged, a fee is typically collected for each house that is built.

To determine how much the fees should be, Tischler and Associates will examine the operating costs of public services including schools, local police departments, fire departments, parks and other public facilities, Raco said.

The only public service that cannot receive funding through impact fees is libraries, Raco said.

It will be up to the commission to determine how much the impact fees should be, Raco said.

Knode was the only commissioner to vote against entering into the contract with Tischler and Associates

Although he did not make any comment Thursday, Knode has said he opposes impact fees because there are already funding mechanisms in place for public services, such as schools.

Knode referred to the School Building Authority, which is charged with funding new school construction across the state.

It is expected to take Tischler and Associates 90 days to complete its work.

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