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Letters to the editor for 7/11

July 11, 2002

CRS employees are working hard

To the editor:

This is the Donut Lady. On Tuesdays I have the privilege of coordinating deliveries of the end-of-the-day-product from Sanders Cookie Jar to the safety personnel of Hagerstown on behalf of the Valencia Watch: The rescue, fire and police services of this city have the finest people in the world; there are no better, even in New York City.

This past week CRS kicked off its annual subscription drive to raise funds to keep operating at the level they are at now. Please, do not listen to the braying of one ignorant politician!

The squad they bought from Smithsburg has the equipment on it to use to get you out of your wrecked car, or the particular braying politician out of his.


I have seen it. I have seen the CRS personnel working to get it organized and tightened up - actually many of them were crawling all over it working on the stuff I hope to God I never see in action personally but I paid the very first subscription fee in order to have it there just in case.

Yes, they are paying for it, and they are trying to pay their personnel decently enough to keep them up here, too. Think of it as your vehicle payment in relation to your grocery payment in your own budget. There are capital expenditures. Then there are operating expenses for payroll and benefits, etc. This last is for the particular braying politician. For you, my fellow drivers and dwellers in Hagerstown, for your own protection, please send in your subscription money and keep them there for all of us.

Each of us serves as he or she can. I could not mow the grass at CRS, either, or do their paperwork, but I can and do deliver really good pastries to them.

Mary W. Haines


No getting around God in money

To the editor:

I know that I'm in an extremely small minority when I state that I am in agreement with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco about the unconstitutionality of the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. I am certain that it will be overturned, but that really doesn't bother me because I can continue to omit those two words whenever I recite the pledge. After all, the right to be free from religion is just as important as the freedom of religion.

What does bother me is the phrase "In God We Trust" on U.S. currency, because I cannot avoid it, and that is a violation of the freedom from religion. What is that phrase doing there? Whenever anyone spends or accepts money in payment they aren't trusting in God.

God is irrelevant in financial transactions. When we use money we are putting our trust in the Federal Reserve Bank. Since the phrase "In God We Trust" is a violation of the freedom from religion, is irrelevant in financial transactions and is clearly unconstitutional, it should be removed from our currency.

Bernard F. Murphy

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Support Townsend at the Baltimore Zoo

To the editor:

There are very few times when you and your family can do great things at one time. On July 14, you have the opportunity to do just that.

Friends of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend are celebrating summer with their annual party at the Baltimore Zoo. This is your invitation to take part in summertime fun touring the zoo and meet Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Maryland's next governor!

The Baltimore Zoo is filled with exotic animals and fun exhibits your children will enjoy. You can share the afternoon with friends and talk with state leaders about the future of Maryland. Two great things at one time!

Come July 14, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine. Tickets are just $10 per adult and children 12 and under are free. The ticket includes admission to the Baltimore Zoo. For more information, just go to, or call 410-433-7001.

JoEllen Barnhart


W House meeting tonight to clear air

To the editor:

This letter is to inform the community about our continuing care facility (not "drug rehab facility" or a "rehabilitation center" as claimed by Judith McLean in her July 7 letter to the editor). Traditionally we have been called a halfway house.

We are The "W" House of Hagerstown Foundation, Inc., and were incorporated in 1988 by a group of concerned and dedicated citizens of Washington County who believed that women deserve a chance at a better life without having to use alcohol and/or drugs. They were realistic and knew that these women needed a structured environment and much support from each other, fellow alcoholics and addicts in recovery and from the large network of community service agencies that are available in Washington County.

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