Mail Call for 7/9

July 10, 2002

"I'm responding to a Mail Call from Wednesday, July 3. I also saw a group out by the mall collecting money. I don't know, is this allowed? And does anybody else know who this group is?"

"I recently attended the Miss Maryland Pageant at The Maryland Theatre. I just wanted to comment on the fact that it was, indeed, a very good pageant, one of the better ones that they've had in a long time. And I also would like to say that the women who participated in this pageant are from all different parts of Maryland and I think that the women from Hagerstown could learn something from these women. There were no body piercings, no tattoos. They all act like they have a little bit of self respect and pride in themselves and they act like real ladies and they are, indeed, very educated. I think the women of Hagerstown could definitely learn a lot from these women who participate in this pageant every year."


"I agree with everyone that children receiving their report cards in the mail two weeks after school is out is ridiculous. This gives the parents no chance at all to have a conference with the teachers. Over and above this, has anybody considered the cost to the taxpayers to mail these out? Multiply the postage by the amount of students in Washington County and this is ludicrous. I think something should be done about it."

"I just want to say that the fireworks at the fairgrounds were spectacular and we hope they do them next year."

"Very interesting to see the Health Department's role in the mile-long yard sale on July 4th. It never ceases to amaze me - when people are just trying to have a little fun - that somebody has to come and try to ruin it. As far as I'm concerned, I feel the food the people serve there is far better and far fresher than in some of these restaurants that the Health Department is supposed to check. And why in the world were they really worried about that $50?"

"I read in the paper about the Pledge of Allegiance - that they're trying to take 'God' out of it. Well, some of these people should be sent to Afghanistan or whatever you want to call it. God created all this, not just one thing; He created the whole world, the whole earth. So, I think they should just send them that believe in taking 'God' out - send them over some place else. Take them out of America."

"Everything evil has a beginning. Example: Hitler and his Nazi regime. If a person feels that the phrase 'under God' should be eliminated from the Pledge of Allegiance, that's their right to feel that. To the person that called in and stated, 'if they don't like the way things are in this country, let's get rid of them,' read about the Holocaust and then go wash your mouth out with soap. This I'm going to say to Mail Call: I know this won't go in the paper, but I feel it needed to be said."

"I have a question for state employees here in Maryland. Is there a zero tolerance for domestic abuse and also drug use among state employees? My findings say that it's in writing, but it's not being enforced. Could someone answer this for me?"

"This is to the thoughtless and ignorant person who was setting off illegal, projectile fireworks July 4th in the North End. Your total disregard of the law has caused me a severe and painful injury. You have been reported to the authorities and they will be watching for you. Your neighbors will be vigilant as well."

"Yes. I would like to clarify something, and that is you should not accuse anybody of anything until you are certain, no matter how it may look. I just heard a rumor about myself, that I was in jail, that I stole this and I stole that. I would like people to know that I did not steal anything; no, I'm not in jail. I do believe in the Bible and all these lies that people are telling that - I know where they have their place. I just want to say that I'm still going to church. I might not be as nice as I used to be, but life isn't easy. I wish the rumors would stop being spread. Think before you talk about somebody else."

"Yes, I am the one praising God in the paper. But, I'll tell you, you say just to state your opinions in Mail Call. Well, this is my opinion, same as you have a right to make yours. Thank you and have a nice day."

"Could someone please tell me who is doing the music on the noontime commercial on TV? I love that music and I'd like to buy it."


"I can understand why a person would pull up to the light and wait a few minutes before going when he got the green light, because I have been at a green light before, when three or four cars kept coming through the light after it had changed for them. And a policeman was sitting there watching them."

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