Williamsport Town briefs

July 10, 2002

Mayor presents award to former town clerk

Williamsport Mayor John W. Slayman on Monday presented former town Clerk-Treasurer Donna K. Spickler with the town's community service award for July.

Spickler started her new job as Hagerstown City Clerk on June 10 after nearly 22 years of service in Williamsport.

Slayman called her his "right hand," and said he always depended on Spickler over the years.

"She knows me like I know myself," he said.

Team wants to use pool to practice night dives

The Williamsport-based Washington County Underwater Rescue/Recovery Team wants permission to use the town's community pool for nocturnal training sessions, Williamsport paramedic Bill Garcia on Monday told members of the Williamsport Town Council.

It is too dangerous to practice new night-dive techniques in the Potomac River after dark, Garcia said.

The team - which has its own lifeguards, medical equipment and insurance - would like a key to the pool so members can use it after-hours at mutually agreed upon times, Garcia said.


Councilwoman Roxann Long, chairwoman of the town's pool committee, said she would discuss the issue with other members of the committee.

Residents say bicycle patrols deter crime

Williamsport residents think new bicycle patrols are helping to deter crime in the town, resident James Jewell told the Williamsport Mayor and Town Council on Monday.

Residents recently have seen the two resident deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department patrolling the town's alleys on the lightweight bicycle purchased by the town, Jewell said.

"The hoodlums ran the other way when they saw those bicycles," he said. "We got the hoodlums thinking a little bit. They pretty much know they've got to walk a straight line anymore."

Town Council votes to host annual fireworks

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to host an annual Independence Day fireworks display.

The town's first fireworks celebration at Byron Memorial Park on July 4 was a big success, Mayor John W. Slayman said.

The Williamsport Community Band performance that accompanied the pyrotechnic display helped make the event a memorable one, he said.

McCleaf says convention provided opportunities

The Maryland Municipal League convention in Ocean City, Md., this summer provided valuable learning opportunities for participants, Williamsport Councilman James McCleaf said Monday.

He attended the convention with four other council members and Mayor John W. Slayman.

"I learned a lot from this and I appreciated the opportunity to go," McCleaf said.

Council members for four days attended seminars and listened to guest speakers. Topics ranged from municipal budgeting, disaster preparedness and local government employee issues to listening techniques, population growth strategies and creativity, McCleaf said.

June vouchers tallied about $113,034

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to pay the town's bills.

June vouchers tallied about $113,034, according to the town's financial report for the month.

The balance of the town's general fund checking account through June was about $230,880, the balance of the money market fund was about $255,327, and the total income for the month was about $280,457, according to the report.

Town to donate item to annual camping trip

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to donate a town-oriented item to be used as a prize for children during the annual Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Washington County camping trip.

The item was not decided upon Monday night.

Town to take out half-page ad in program

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to spend $50 to buy a half-page ad in the Washington County Sports Hall of Fame program.

The organization will induct five new members, including Williamsport coach Cindy Neugebauer, at its annual awards banquet July 20.

- Andrea Rowland

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