Few candidates to face opponents in Md. primaries

July 09, 2002|by LAURA ERNDE

Most candidates vying to represent Washington County in the Maryland General Assembly will not have to fight primary battles this year.

No new local candidates filed for office by Monday's deadline, leaving only one Sept. 10 primary fight between Democrats Lisa Baugher and Paul Gilligan for the District 3B House of Delegates seat in southern Frederick and Washington counties.

The winner of that primary will face Republican Richard B. Weldon Jr. in the Nov. 5 general election.

The Maryland Court of Appeals last month squelched what would have been two heated Republican primary races in Washington County by revising the election district boundaries.


Republican Del. Robert A. McKee, who was prepared to try and wrest District 2B away from Del. Christopher B. Shank, was restored to District 2A by the court's new election district map.

Three Republicans who had filed hoping to claim what was then McKee's empty 2A seat were splintered into different districts. Two candidates, William J. Wivell and Vikki Nelson, ended up dropping out and filing for Washington County Commissioner seats instead.

While the primary competition is slim, voters will still have a choice when they go to the ballot box in November.

Incumbent Republican Sen. John J. Hafer is the only candidate running unopposed. Seeking a fourth term, Hafer currently represents Garrett and Allegany counties. Next year, his district will include western Washington County.

The last day of filing for state races contrasted sharply with last week's deadline for countywide offices, which brought out a last-minute flurry of candidates.

Lawmakers will make $34,500 next year. The annual salary will increase by $3,000 a year in each of the following three years, topping out at $43,500.

Here are the candidates for the Washington County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly. Incumbents are indicated by (I):

Senate, District 1

Republican John J. Hafer, 70, of Frostburg, Md. (I)

Senate, District 2

Republican Donald F. Munson, 64, of Hagerstown (I)

Democrat Mary E. Newby, 47, of Hagerstown

Senate, District 3

Republican Alex X. Mooney, 31, of Frederick, Md. (I)

Democrat Sue Hecht, 54, of Frederick, Md.

Delegate, District 1C

Republican LeRoy E. Myers Jr., 50, of Clear Spring

Democrat Casper R. Taylor Jr., 67, of Cumberland, Md. (I)

Delegate, District 2A

Republican Robert A. McKee, 53, of Halfway. (I)

Democrat Peter E. Perini Sr., 39, of Hagerstown

Delegate, District 2B

Republican Christopher B. Shank, 30, of Hagerstown (I)

Democrat David M. Russo, 51, of Hagerstown

Delegate, District 2C

Republican Robert E. Bruchey II, 43, of Hagerstown

Democrat John P. Donoghue, 45, of Hagerstown (I)

Delegate, District 3B

Republican Richard B. Weldon Jr., 43, of Brunswick, Md.

Democrat Paul Gilligan, 55, of Burkittsville, Md.

Democrat Lisa Baugher, 48, of Tuscarora, Md.

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