Hyatt displays 'girl power'

National Little League All-Star swings for fences

National Little League All-Star swings for fences

July 06, 2002|by EDWARD MARSHALL

Brittany Hyatt is celebrating her team's championship season with a trip to the Maryland District 1 Little League 11- and 12-year-old Tournament which begins today.

Brittany is a member of National Little League's All-Stars. She was selected for the team after she helped lead her Long Meadow Exxon team to a 23-1 record by batting over .600 for the season.

She also hit eight home runs, putting her in second place for the most homers for the season.

"It felt really good. We deserved it," said Brittany, 12, of Hagerstown.

Brittany's eight home runs aren't a fluke. She has become known for her hitting power.

Soft-spoken but to the point, she brings new meaning to the expression "speak softly and carry a big stick." She has won three home run contests in the past two years.


Her most recent victory was June 15 at the Keller-Stonebraker Insurance Little League Home Run Hitting Contest at Municipal Stadium.

"I was nervous, but I just go out there and do it," Brittany said.

Brittany's other home run contest victories include the 11-year-old and 12-year-old titles in the annual Washington County Little League contests.

Despite the fact she is a female in a predominantly male sport, Brittany's performance on the field has dispelled any doubts about her abilities.

"If anything, these boys take up for her," said Mike Hyatt, her father and coach.

At the close of her last season in Little League baseball - a game her father had to talk her into playing - Brittany said she will miss playing in the league.

The pitcher/shortstop's motivation for playing baseball has been simple.

"You get to compete against kids your own age and have fun," Brittany said.

Having fun is something her father says is the most important thing he wants his daughter to get out of playing baseball.

"When she goes home after practice or a game, she'll flick on ESPN and see who's playing," said Hyatt, 44.

Brittany will be too old to play Little League next year.

"She's a little bit upset about leaving," her father said. "The last game of the season, it's kind of the end of it. Even I hate seeing it end."

Even though Brittany's departure from baseball will come soon, she has another sport in which she is beginning to excel.

She recently was named the Most Valuable Player of her volleyball team and she will be joining a traveling team.

She does, however, know which sport is her favorite.

"I like baseball better than volleyball," Brittany said.

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