Ice rink offers a cool alternative

July 05, 2002|by MARLO BARNHART

While many people were taking part in summer fun Thursday, a few thrill seekers were building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other at the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex.

It seemed like a good idea to Kirsten Dorosh and her friend, Alisha Cooperman, who came from West Virginia to ice skate and discovered the unseasonable activity at Summer Fun Fest.

Kirsten and Alisha, both 9, ventured out to where piles of "snow" were heaped. Waiting for a tug of war to start, the girls joined others in throwing snowballs.


Christian Binford, 9, was unfamiliar with snow, having just moved with his parents to Hagers-town from Florida.

"I'm from Hagerstown originally but I just moved back here from Orlando, Fla.," said his father, Mark Binford. He said Christian never saw snow in Florida but did in Iowa, where Binford's wife, Susan, is from.

He said the snow activities Thursday were a real treat for Christian. After a while Mark and Susan got into the spirit, throwing snowballs of their own.

Rink officials generated the snow from the Zamboni machine used to keep the rink in peak skating condition inside.

Billing itself as "The Coolest Place in Town," the Ice and Sports Complex also held a tubing event and a karaoke contest and had a barbecue set up outside.

Live bands were scheduled to begin playing at 6:30 p.m. leading up to a fireworks display at the adjacent Fairgrounds Park.

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