Summer school could be required for some

July 03, 2002|by DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

Washington County Public Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan said Tuesday that school system officials will review whether to make summer school mandatory for low-performing elementary school students.

Currently the school system encourages those students to go to summer school, but summer school is not a requirement for advancing to the next grade, she said.

Middle and high school students typically go to summer school in order to pass a required course, Morgan said.

During the Tuesday meeting of the Board of Education, the heads of elementary and secondary education reported on how many students are enrolled in summer school.


About 700 elementary school students are enrolled in summer school, Executive Director of Elementary Education JoEtta Palkovitz-Brown said.

There are 622 middle school students and 269 high school students going to summer school, Executive Director of Secondary Education Boyd Michael said.

Board member Mary L. Wilfong and Board Vice President Bernadette Wagner asked whether all of the students identified as needing summer school were actually attending.

Morgan said after the summer is over the board may want to look at whether to require summer school for some students.

"We want to make sure the students that really need summer school are getting it," Morgan said. "I think we're going to be studying it carefully. If we find those that need it are going it's a moot issue."

Morgan said the issue will probably be brought back to the School Board by December or January.

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