Letters to the editor 7/3/2002

July 03, 2002

No county funds for baseball stadium

To the editor:

If it hasn't already happened, I believe that very soon you will be approached again by the mayor of Hagerstown and the new owner of the Hagerstown Suns baseball team and asked to provide financial support to build a new stadium.

You/we have gone through this exercise before and I think that the citizens of the county have made it quite clear that we do not want our tax dollars spent to support a private business venture such as this.

I know that you have already heard all the arguments from both sides so I won't repeat them. The one thing that concerns me is that on local TV the mayor stated that he knows that things will work out to build the facility - how does he know that? Have a secret plan been developed?


Hagerstown or Washington County will not support a baseball team no matter how new and great the playing field is or how elaborate the grandstands are. The taxpayers will never stop paying to keep money going into the owner's pocket.

I am not opposed to a new stadium being built so long as the team owners foot the bill, and for that matter, if the city of Hagerstown wants to build it, I have no objection, so long as there are no county funds used.

I know that if we voters could voice our opinions at the voting polls, you would see a resounding "no" to the question. Isn't that how a democracy should work?

Please lay this nagging matter to rest once and for all by informing the mayor and council of Hagerstown and the Suns owners, that Washington county will not help pay for this pipe dream.

Ronald F. Hovis


Get a handle on growth

To the editor:

OK, once people are appointed to the planning commission, how do we get them off? These people definitely need to be replaced, pronto!

As a lifelong resident of Hagerstown, I am very concerned of the development that is booming in this area. We do not need any more townhouses, apartment complexes or shopping centers!! Most of these housing developments will become government subsidized housing and along will come the problems associated with it.

I think it would be a better idea to have the developers rip down all the godforsaken apartment buildings within a mile of the Public Square and build single family homes. Who really cares if George Washington might have walked by at one time?

With the elections coming up, we need to pay close attention to the County Commissioners, as they have the final say in development planning for the county.

Any incumbent should not be voted for if they allow any more high density development, and those who are running for the first time, well, you know what the residents of Washington County want. We do not want to live in an extended version of Frederick!

Tina Miller


Snuff the fuse of the Rocket

To the editor:

How long are they going to allow Roger Clemens to hit opposing batters? I saw him deck Raphael Palmero with a fastball that could have hurt him badly.

He put Mike Piazza in the hospital with a fastball to the head. Just recently, he hit Barry Bonds with a fastball. Steinbrenner doesn't care. He's only concerned about winning. I believe opposing managers need to instruct their pitchers to start throwing at the Yankees. Then maybe some action will be taken.

Steve Rodetsky

Fairfield, Pa.

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